Any adults still living at home?

Just wanted some people to relate to. Due to being schizoaffective I cannot live alone or be trusted to pay my own bills. I hope to move out in the next few years, some days it gets to me, some days it’s okay. Am I the only one?

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I still do. Moved away when I got a job in DC. Had to move bad when I lost it. To me it is about finding a job. Although the side effects of medication and the insomnia prove problematic if I were to find one. That are a lot of people on here that I’m pretty sure live with there parents and if you were to calculate the number of unemployed is about 24.8% of people between 18 and 65(the unemployment rate definition is off).

No your not alone. I only recently moved out with a significant other, however every time I relapse I end up back at home at square one. It’s very frustrating for everyone. My best of luck to you, living at home can be awful but living on your own has its own set of issues that come up too.

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No you are not alone. I am still living with my parents. You must read this…

I live at home while im saving up to buy an apartment

Please take all recommendations regarding supplements with a grain of salt.


You’re not alone. I’m currently living with family (my grandmother). Since the onset of this illness, I have tried to live on my own/with roommates a few times, but my symptoms catch up with me and I usually wind up back with family. Some days I feel capable of living on my own, but most days I realize that I need to accept some measure of dependency.

my partner and I haven’t lived alone since march of 2010, we have either lived with my parents or her parents

I still live with my parents.

29, living with my mom. I don’t mind, it’s better than living alone right now.

I lived at home until I was almost 40. I felt kind of isolated and cut off there. I had no peers I could relate to. Also, I was on the Haldol shot, which made me feel worse.

I lived with my parents from age 28-46. I raised my son in their home. You do what you have to do in this life. :heart:

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Im 24 still living at home

23 living with my Dad. I too am schizoaffective and can’t be trusted to pay my own bills while at the same time wishing to move out.

The bad thing about living under anothers umbrella is that you are subject to THEIR opinions of right and wrong, regardless of how twisted they may be.


My not living at home was kind of decided for me by my father. He sold the family home, as he was going to work abroad, while I was in hospital . I was 24.

How old are you?

35 yrs old…

After 41 yrs My Ma has passed me off to a satanic cult …LOL…I don’t blame her.

I am high maintenance…ive taken my education from watching the BEST at high maintenance.

I’ve lived in supported accommodation for the last five years. I got my own flat from a housing association a few months back.

My mum lives in sheltered housing as she has physical health problems. I can only sleep on the floor in her lounge.

For me I’d got to the point I needed to have my own place. Less drama etc…