Piracetam or Noopept

I’m looking to try Piracetam. Has anyone here tried it or tried Noopept?
I read that Piracetam is a well studied nootropic but Noopept gives better results, so which is better Piracetam or Noopept?

hey i’ve tried both and they are completely different

piracetam actually worked only a couple of days giving me intense focus and thats all
noopept on the other hand is a noot that just keep on giving
i’ve felt more focused more creative had more initiative etc
downside for me was really intense daydreaming… i could spend hours doing that
if you have some deficits and if you drink alcohol it will work for you i think
but back than i wasn’t on meds so it’s a question how would i respond to it now

it’s expensive to import to my country but otherwise i would use it regularly
(it needs to be cycled though)

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Hey @kuckuckuc thanks for your reply.
So you mean noopept is better than piracetam?
I think the only thing that would be a concern about noopept is it would increase dopamine so it might be not suitable for SZ.

My problem is lack of awareness, attention and focus.
The withdrawl symptoms you had was daydreaming? God! I do sometimes have daydreaming so I wouldn’t like to have more. But at the same time I need a noot. I’m taking CDP-Choline these days and I’m feeling better than before so Piracetam should help as well.

I’ve taken both. They’re similar, but piracetam increases awareness, attention and focus a little bit more. Both cause insomnia and increase aggression. Piracetam and will give you the worst headache of your life, but if you take choline you won’t get the headache.

Both increase glutamic acid (great for cognitives and negatives), but they also increase acetylcholine (bad for positives).

I stopped both because of the insomnia, aggression, delusions and hallucinations.


you see - two different responses
thats why noots aren’t on the shelves of a supermarket

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i’m stable on meds and i wouldn’t be wary at all about taking those noots
some racetams
and many other noots would be in my regimen because meds are just not enough in controlling this disease

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It gets even trickier if you take a stack (a combo of nootropics).

Hey Kindness, So Piracetam was stronger for you than noopept?
I heard about the headache so I may take Choline with it. I was thinking to start low, something like 200mg. Do you think low dose would still cause headache, delusions and hallucinations?

@kuckuckuc would it be possible to let me know about the meds that you are on?
And do you take those(racetam, sarcosin, and noopet) together?

i’m on aripiprazole 15mg lamotrigine 150mg and tianeptin
i was taking sarcosine for 2 months with some nice results (and no side-effect)
it would probably be just fine to take noopept and some racetams
but i have great response to most of the meds… every ap stopped my positives!

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I see. I’m glad that you have great response to meds. Do you think would it be good to start with Piracetam for some months and switch to noopept?

I 've found some sources about Piracetam for SZ

I think the last one makes sense!

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i can’t really advice you on your own stack
as for me personally i would take both noopept and piracetam together just maybe not at the same time
and definitely wouldn’t start them at the same time so i could know what substance is doing what

and those articles are great read… i’ll have something to do tonight hehe

Piracetam gave me pinpoint focus, so I’d say it’s ‘stronger’ than Noopept.

I think you’d be fine with 200 mg. I’m very sensitive to stimulants (if that’s the right word). I have one cup of coffee at 5:00 AM, and no more for the rest of the day.

Like I said, I do think it’s safe at 200 mg.

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200mg is really small
but than again i drink coffee before bed

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