Lack of employment, Poverty, Obesity and Depression

Whats your opinion of this? Anyone have any personal experiences with these?

I think mental illness and meds leads to all of it.

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I’ve had experiences with all of that. I think it’s because of the illness and that the disability system is not updating itself from one where you can’t work regardless of medical care to one of where medical care can allow you to work but is often too expensive to afford without going on SSI , SSDI which keeps you in poverty, a strong nutrition or exercise program to avoid obesity (I also think that the Psych Wards are not trying to feed us healthy food), and that being obese and unemployed or underemployed is making us depressed.

never struggled with obesity but im mentally ill and in poverty probably about to be fired from m new job. my opinion is that it sucks

Even though I’ve been diagnosed with MDD I don’t know how much I experience I’ve had with depression. Have lack of employment recently. Been without a job for about a year now.

A week ago I started SSRI Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibiter for depression…

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I’m 36 single male living with my parents and your topic matches my life 100%

Now, I am not so obese after reducing anti0psychotics dose and careful diet/less food…