What dose of Risperidone are you on?

none currently - I have a new pdoc appt this Tuesday. I don’t know what their is left to try for me. I have tried just about everything I can - I think if I can manage my panic attacks/anxiety and seizures I will hopefully be able to manage my other symptoms or just deal.

Big enough to knock out a dog, but small enough so a horse wouldn’t feel it.

But seriuosly, I take 5 mg a day, 7 days a week.

Sometimes I don’t take any on February 29 when it’s a Leap year. It’s my my own special way of protesting the inhumane treatment of labratory rats by callous medical researchers.


4mg :open_mouth:

When I was on risperidone my average dose was 2.5mg - I am completely off of it now.

I am on 12mg a day. i sleep well and don’t see or hear things. it’s great.

I quit using 4 mg Resperidone. Now, I am using only one small dose of anti-psychotic…

Ziprasidone 40 mg which has very low or negligible side effects and at low dose I don’t feel any

That link is latest development on why I quit Resperidone

I am on about 3mg but the doc said I can tweak it up or down 1mg if I am over or under medicated. It works pretty well for me but it is kind of like adjusting the throttle on a car :slight_smile: I really can’t function on less than 2mg a day but I am a little too lobotomized if I take 3mg or 4mg for too long a period of time. Unfortunately my stress levels tend to be a little chaotic with unforeseen events from my other mentally ill family members.

I take 3 mg daily.

I’ve been on risperidone three times, the first time I was on 2mgs, then 8 mgs then 2 again. the bad thing was when I was on it the third time it didn’t help anymore and I became paranoid and delusional.

When i was on risperdone i was on 4mg but i gained breasts from it so i changed meds to latuda

I’m on 1.5 mg Risperdal daily. I dunno how long I’ve been on it, a couple months maybe? But I quit taking it for a couple weeks or something in there. Don’t take any other AP’s.

I take 25mg every fortnight but ive been able to reduce it to 75% of the dose and the doc said i can have it every 3 week now i changed my diet gave up sugar and eat beef for the b vitamins and take a multi b supplement i dont have any symptoms anymore

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@mozart4646 I’m assuming you get an injection? Glad it’s working for you

4mg of risperidone.

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What side effects do people expierence … as im on 25mg of risporidone depot injection and the side effects are to much .

They tried to get me up to 5mg at one time and it was way too much for my system. I had horrific akathesia. So much so that I felt like I was jumping out of my skin and I couldn’t sleep. I recently upped my dose from 1mg to 2 mg and so far the side effects are very manageable I tried Latuda and it was worse. I am afraid to try another med now.

I was on 3mg just out of the hospital. Symptoms were still there, I was sort of on edge all the time with all the intrusive thoughts. Some of these ppl are on gargantuan doses compared to me. Prolactin must be through the roof for them. Leaky boobs and no sex drive.

My boobs are fine but my low sex drive is even lower. I might be able to handle 3mg but that would be about my max. I prefer 1mg if I can get away with it. Just going from 2mg down to 1mg I lost 7 pounds, a lot of which was water. Now I have had to go back up to 2mg again. Hopefully not forever

I took it a few years back and was on 8mg a day. I was also on 1200mg of Seroquel and they both did nothing for my symptoms. The worst part of Risperdol was the increased Prolactin levels. It completely stopped my period. I think it made my breasts bigger also as I went up a cup size. That part wasn’t so bad. Must be a horrible side effect for men though. :sunny:

M boobs have gotten bigger now that I think about it. I don’t really like it. I feel like a cow. I had enough to begin with. Course I’d like to lose 20 pounds as it is so that’s part of it too