My web based photo gallery software - Opinions Please

I programmed my own web based photo gallery software to organize my photos a few years ago, during the pandemic I was bored, so I added a bunch of features and put It on for others to download and use. You can use it to organize both photos and videos from your phone. It’s free/opensource software, I released it under the GNU AGPLv3 license.

When I created it, I created it to be compatible with the scripting language PHP versions 7.2 or 7.4. it also uses jQuery, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and the MySQL database. It worked fine on Ubuntu GNU/Linux 18.04 or 20.04 using either the Apache or Nginx web servers.

However in the latest Ubuntu GNU/Linux 22.04 they upgraded PHP to version 8.1 and my web gallery software isn’t compatible with the new version of PHP so I’ve been going through my code and updating it so it works with the latest version of PHP. I’m about 80% done. I have had to do a lot of reading, they changed the way prepared statements are done when accessing the database, and a few other things needed updating too.

It doesn’t work on Windows.

Once done I have to upload the updated code to GitHub and release a new version for others to download.

It’s been a hobby of mine. Here are some screenshots of my web gallery software, let me know what you think…

Here is the Administration page you see when you log in as the Administrator…

Here is the general settings found the Administration section…

Here is the homepage of the gallery…

Here is a photo in the gallery. The script extracts the EXIF information your camera embeds in every photo you take and then displays it underneath the photo. It also extracts the GPS coordinates of the photo and displays a link to Google Maps so you can see where the picture was taken…

Here is a screenshot of some of the code. It may look impressive, lol, but I’m just a self taught amateur. Overall it’s at least 15,000 lines of code, probably more. Each file you see on the left serves a different function in the script.


Good job!!! 15151515


Wow, very impressive stuff !


Thats nice! 155


Impressive @headsparks

I wish i could do this when i was working. Or even as a hobbie. Looks great and a lot of hard work.

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Thanks @ZmaGal @everhopeful @Aziz @Kxev

Yes, it was a lot of work, but it was a fun challenge!

Forgot to mention, it’s multilingual too. I have support for English, French and Spanish out of the box.

I made it easy for anyone to add their native language too.


Awesome!!! How cool!

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My French sucks and I don’t speak Spanish so I used Google translate for the language files.

I doubt it’s perfect, for example I wasn’t sure if I should use the feminine or masculine variation of some words in certain sentences but speakers of those languages should be able to understand and use it.

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That’s impressive as hell.

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Wow thats very interesting, you got this all done when bored in pandemic, yes also as a hobby :grinning: cheers mate,
Did you plan for any image recognition from google and scrape first 5 results and give some auto description to your photo,
I was trying for first 5 search of a text, and reply as a bot.
I just had this idea though, unfortunately the google charge or not sure how to go about, i did ask in stack over flow but none replied.
I just had this thought right now about image search in google, not sure though.
Way a go @LordHeadspark do rock on :metal:

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Thanks @ZombieMombie


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As a software developer myself, I can say without a doubt your project is very cool. Are you self-taught?!

My area of (semi) expertise is mobile apps, but I also did server side programming, not in php though.

Congratulations, @LordHeadspark !


I’m not sure about that @A_B_C

But thanks for the kind words.

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Yes, I taught myself.

Thanks @Andrey :slightly_smiling_face:


Here is the theme page in the Administration panel. I created 5 themes in addition to the default theme (which I showed above).

Here is a screenshot of the theme section in Dark Mode. Personally I hate dark mode but a lot of people like it so I added it to the script.

You can customize the colours and font of every part of the gallery so it suits your tastes. You can use any colour you want and there are 20 fonts to choose from.

If you create a new theme you can download it with a click of a button and then share it on the internet with other people. Adding a new theme someone else created is easy too, just upload the theme file.

Here are the other themes…


Very nice work @LordHeadspark

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Thanks @Bowens


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