Been working on my new website

I have been working hard on my new website. I coded it by hand, even though I used Adobe Dreamweaver.I completely redone it from top to bottom. It is about schizophrenia,and I have a blog and everything on it. The blog software I used was Wordpress. I am exhausted. I still don’t quite like the look of it so I am going to wait about a day or two, and rework some things. I also need to go over it and remove typo’s. But it is finally up. I am self-taught at coding, by watching treehouse and courses, and reading whatever I can on the topic.

I have a green screen coming in so I can make videos about schizophrenia. The reason I need the green screen is because my office is also my storage room and I don’t want a bunch of boxes in the background. I think I am going to do a background in a different major city every week. I don’t do any traveling so that is the closest I will get.


Wow, well done! My dream job is having some kind of Web based business.

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Yeah me too. I am planning on going to school to “officially” learn web design, and sharpen my skills then I might even get a job. I think it will help me tremendously, if I can handle it.


That’s actually pretty neat – in regard to getting a green screen. Are you going to post your videos on Youtube?

I am impressed! I have been learning for code for a while and find it is a challenge to learn. The fact that you coded this by hand is amazing. I assume you are using Html? I’ve learned some Java and couldn’t do that. Take care.

@Tetsuo yes I am going to post my videos to Youtube. In the videos I am going to discuss everyday life with schizophrenia
@Sharp yes, I used HTML and CSS. I am planning on learning Javascript next.

If anyone is interested the link is

That’s a nice site. Congratulations!

Great effort. But I think am experiencing issues loading your Web page completely-- it keeps refreshing the page and keeps on loading.