Who codes here? (Web design/software engineering)

I’m gonna be using code academy again tomorrow. I gave up cos of laziness, and I got stuck on something.

I want to learn Html, css, javascript, and then software engineering later.

I’m going back to uni in Fall 2023 for Biology if I stay well until then, but coding and digital art in Photoshop is something I want to learn whilst I have all of this free time.

Any one got tips for a n00b?


Pay attention to core concepts, learn to learn, tons of resources on the internet (stackoverflow, tutorials, forums, Google, youtube), have fun


I feel like discouraging you from coding as a primary income source, unless you were thinking of doing it in an office setting. Very hard to get into remotely; you usually have to do the office thing before they transition you to remote.


I used a textbook when I started, really helpful


Calling @zwolfgang


I already bought a domain in 2021, I want to design the site and buy cloud storage for it.

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Focus on concepts more than the language. Later on youll see all the similarities in the languages


I was learning to make apps with flutter. It was pretty cool with the instant update to the app on my phone.

Stuff like that keeps you interested.


I did 30% of an IT certification on UIPath. Its free. I gave up after I did 30% as it was getting harder and harder.


It was free, not sure if it still is.

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I was always interested but cognition problems don’t help.


I always wanted to be in computer security. I created a fake website about computer security. It’s me as a fraud. cyberdatastorm. com I did it b/c it is like a dream of what i wanted to do and be.

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I was in University for Biology but had to drop out because I developed schizophrenia.

I taught myself how to code. A good way to learn is to download web based open source projects and read the code so you have examples. Then practice, another good way to learn is to start a project and finish it. HTML and CSS is easy. Javascript I know a little but not very good. Also know a little PHP.

The following code what put the text in a div tag and make it black.

HTML you just have to learn the tags and how to enter CSS, basic example in you index.php file…

<div style="color: #000000;">Hello</div>


You can have a separate file with your HTML code called index.php and another file called style.css. In your index.php file you enter code to tell it to look for the CSS file in the head tag

<head><link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="style.css"></head>
<body><div class="hello">Hello</div></body>

Then in your style.css file

.hello {
color: #000000;

I have a project on GitHub. I posted about it here on the forum. It’s a web based photo gallery project. The code quality is kinda amateur. I created this project in part to organize my photos and in part to learn how to code.


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Yeah, I get it…
It’s so easy when you explain it.

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