Bored af, what to do

How about writing or reading?


Search for memes and post them in the memecategorie.

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practice drawing

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You have a high IQ. Put it to use.

Do something intellectually stimulating. Solve problems.

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You could go for a walk. I did a walk with a friend today. Enjoyed it.

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Take up a hobby. Programming, art, drawing, anything.

Or watch a movie.

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I agree with @LordHeadspark

What I find really intellectually stimulating is programming. I program games, and it can be very intellectually challenging and rewarding.

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If you have a lot of time on your hands you could try exercising.

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Here are 4 goats for you to take care of.

Your welcome. :blush:

:goat: :goat: :goat: :goat:


What about school or work?



I taught myself how to setup a Linux virtual private server, taught myself web programming and have a project on

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My doctor thinks I’m not stable enough for school

Can you help me with homework? :joy:

Yeah sure, lol. (if you’re not kidding)

I am not kidding, my coding is really bad and I would like someone to guide me along

How can I contact you outside of this forum?do you have discord?

I have three 3 sheep for you too @Crystal-Cotton




I’ll message you my discord user name so you can add me. What language are you coding in?

currently python 3, learned java,javascript,c++

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Imagine what kind of life you want, what type of housing you want etc. Then select a career that will get you there and start working on it. When I was young, I was too practical. You really should follow your heart :heart:.

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