Anyone on here use linux?

Im surprised by how many linux there are. Also the operating system used to scare me and i disapproved of the GUI but theres really not too much i need


I have ubuntu on an old computer. I kinda screwed up the video drivers i was trying to use the nvidia driver but now it wont play videos lol. Sooo one day i will fix or just reinstall cuz lazy :grin:

Never used it.

I have always had windows, until 2011 when the University helped me get a MacBook Air

Ever since I have used MacOS

My understanding of linux is limited, but can’t you make changes to it etc to suit you?

Correct me if I am wrong!

Hubby has always kept a computer running on Linux. Probably has had one the whole time we’ve been married (not the same one, though lol).

I’ve been using Linux on and off in one form or another for the past 20-25 years. Some things never change (hardware compatibility is finicky, for one, and you’ll usually need to google and paste a few commands into a terminal to solve odd issues that will pop up), but one thing that has definitely changed in recent years is that you can actually use Linux as your main gaming system now (if your games are on Steam, at least).

I decided that I’m not bothering with any versions of Windows beyond Windows 10 (my PC isn’t compatible with Windows 11 anyway, and I’m determined to keep using this PC until it falls apart), so I installed Linux (Pop OS) a few days ago, I’m using it right now. It’s pretty good. It’s Ubuntu-based, so most everything that applies to Ubuntu also applies to it. There were some annoyances I had to deal with, but most of those are probably things that wouldn’t affect most users. I found it better than Windows in several ways.

I think I might not be booting into Windows again. Most of my games have native Linux versions, and the ones without it that I’ve tested so far also run flawlessly (no performance issues), or with only minor glitches that don’t really make any difference.

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I used it ‘dual boot’(is that the correct term ?) for a short while. That was well over a decade ago. I stopped using it after a bad experience seeking help on a Linux forum as to how to do something . I knew I’d need help along the way to make the most of using Linux, and couldn’t trust that I’d get it/not be subjected to more yobbish behaviour.

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Common occurrence unfortunately.

These days there are good alternatives to such forums thankfully. Ubuntu has a lot of help pages, and there’s also a lot of answered questions about very specific issues on Reddit and StackExchange. This is definitely one of the defining factors when choosing a distro. A distro can be more well-suited in theory for your purposes, but if all the resources on it will be from people whose entire idea of “helping” or “explaining” boils down to calling you dumb, then it’s useless.

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Yeah if you go on some forums they all say to use Arch linux or debian or your not a true linux person :sweat_smile:

I have a Chromebook laptop, and I believe the Chrome OS is Linux based. I very happy with it.

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In Soviet Russia, operating system controls you. :upside_down_face:


I’ve been using Linux since about 1998.

I have my CompTIA Linux+ Certification

I rent out a VPS with DigitalOcean and run my own mail server. Postfix and Dovecot with Spamassassin.

I dual boot Linux on my PC and laptop.

I have a Linux server here at home for backups and to run the web based photo gallery software I developed to organize my photos.


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I’ve been using Linux in some shape or form since about 1995, especially on servers (whether belonging to me or others). I’ve been running Linux full time on my main computer (a laptop) since December 2019, and I’ve never had to regret it. I sometimes run Windows 7 under VMware, but I scarcely need it with the occasional exception of iTunes to manage my music collection and sync the iPods.


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