My poor Seattle

Seattle Pacific University is a small campus just a few blocks away from my parents at the base of Queen Anne hill. It’s not a party school, it’s more like an almost graduate school so it’s not freshmen drinking it up, it’s older students trying to get their education finished. There are hardly ever parties on that campus.

It’s by the Puget Sound water way, ringed by trees, near the large park and very peaceful. Usually. Yesterday at around 3:30 p.m. it had a campus shooting. Thus far, 1 dead, 3 seriously wounded and the rest minor injuries.

This is the first campus shooting up here. It’s very sad to see this happen anywhere, but we were also a bit of a “never happen here” sort of head in the sand town. We are a very mellow city, even our worst parts aren’t THAT bad. Our gun numbers are very low. Our violent crime numbers are pretty low. Our hit and run numbers are the high ones. People kill others with their cars, not guns. Sad day for Seattle.


You have really serious problems there in America.


You can thank the stupid politicians and the relaxed gun laws for this


I also think it’s not JUST the pro gun culture of America, (though it’s a huge part of it)… I also feel it’s the slashing of mental health services and the slashing support counseling and the things that people could turn to for help are being taken away.

More guns and LESS community services that can help someone will equal more and more frustrated and lost people who feel they have no other way to get their point across.

It’s a sad thing for us all.


My husband and I were just reading our morning paper and remarking on how Seattle has been popping up in the news lately. I was wondering if your sister attended that college. It is sad.

In contrast to Seattle, our gun numbers here in Atlanta are very high. Our local news reports seem to be nothing but shootings, murders, robberies, muggings, and I mean EVERY night. That’s why most people don’t dare walk in downtown Atlanta after dark. If you do you are taking a big gamble. It’s also why most people choose to live in the suburbs instead of downtown. I have to say most of our suburbs are pretty nice though.

Awe man…another one. that sux… and there too?
See there IS a reason to avoid public places at times. Movie theaters after the Joker shootings, etc…

I can relate to how you feel too…am not familiar with SPU but am with WWU in Bellingham… which was also near the water and ringed by trees and an adjacent park…a park i camped in for 6 weeks, so was very familiar with the college, as i sometimes walked on campus and some student even took me there for lunch in the cafeteria one time.

the hill on the left side of the first picture, that’s where i camped up on the ridge…

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I do love Bellingham. It’s a very pretty campus and city. Great fishing. I do love salmon fishing in Bellingham. They have a lot of odd little businesses and book shops too. It’s a nice way to spend a day.

My sis and I are going to Shoreline Community College just a bit north from our place. It was approved for running start so she’s in for free through the high school. She gets her 101’s out of the way for free and they count as both senior high school credits and freshman/sophomore credits towards college.

She really didn’t want to pay university prices for 101 level classes. I like the campus and it’s just where I decided to restart my education. Again, pretty campus, near water, trees, it’s like that every where up here.


Me too, though I actually lived more out by Baker in a couple of those smaller towns most of the time…do you ever go to Nooksack falls? I’ve camped along the river in that area.
I like those little 'odd shops" and have been in a couple of the coffee shops too

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I have camped by Nooksack falls. It’s so peaceful. I haven’t been to the North Cascades park in a long time. Thank you for reminding me.

What a lush, green and quiet place.

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That’s awesome sis is getting her 101’s for free – what a huge savings! My daughter was on the Hope Scholarship, (a scholarship awarded to those students with a 3.0 or higher and funded by the GA Lottery). She basically got her first two years of college free, before her GPA dipped below 3.0. We were very thankful for that.

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This makes me think of gun laws…i think people need psychological evaluations before owning weapons. Just my opinion. The guys at my gym are SUPER pro gun rights, and I see why, some of them are military personnel who are given a bunch of automatic weapons, others have children and maybe dont live in the best part of town, the others might live in the not-so-safe parts of Memphis. Memphis is one seriously dangerous city, and these powerlifter guys are all disciplined as ■■■■, they choose to spend half of their free time lifting dangerously heavy weights. I on the other hand and a different bird- Im medicated psycho in remission. Im psycho without pills, like very psycho. Should I be allowed to own a gun? I think a second psych evaluation now that I am on meds and treated successfully is appropriate. If I show up as “97% paranoid schizophrenia” again, the answer, in my humble opinion, is no.

yeah, I loved that area. Haven’t been since '05

Nooksack is a very powerful waterfall…and this picture only shows the top half… but shows the power


Those pics are beautiful. I live in southern California, so the color green is pretty much unknown to me. My wife and I talked about moving up north in the future.

I read that campus shootings have actually between on the decline ever since they got popularized by the news. Gun laws could help a little, especially with preventing the average person from going on a shooting spree, but people who break the law will break the law. That’s one of the biggest arguments against gun laws is that if you take away guns, then only the criminals will be armed. Not sure if I completely agree or not.

Something tells me that people who are planning on shooting up a public place probably aren’t looking for mental health services. They probably don’t even think they can be helped. If somebody is in deep enough that they want to take revenge on the system, I don’t know if there even is a way to convince them to get help with their problems.

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Beautiful area but also very dangerous, so have to respect nature… of course I’m talking to someone who lives in earthquake territory, so I suppose that’s nothing new !

This happened just a couple weeks before I moved near Nooksack falls

“GLACIER, Whatcom County - Searchers today resumed looking for a woman who slipped and fell over Nooksack Falls and into the Nooksack River yesterday.
Friends reported the accident about 6:30 p.m. yesterday after the 31-year-old Whatcom County woman fell into the river about 30 miles east of Bellingham.”

I remember that well because they were still coming to the falls and taking pictures, and some girls came and threw flowers over the falls for her while me & my friends were there…so we gathered some wildflowers and threw them over too…

Natures accidents can be avoided with a little wise caution… things like what happened at SPU are much more unexpected, and I know some may disagree, but in such cases, maybe a little paranoia can help… (be vigilant about your surroundings)

I’m sorry, this is very sad and scary.

“pour my seattle.”

twin tea char ache tiers.

Sorry, i only read the title when i wrote that.

Sorry, woops.

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Yes we do.We have more deaths by guns per year than practically any other large nation on earth. I don’t remember the exact statistic but to the best of my memory, we have more people killed by guns each year, than Great Britain, China, Canada, Germany, and France COMBINED. Nation-wide I think about 9000 people are killed each year by guns. In Britain ( and maybe Firemonkey or Daydreamer can back me up on this) they have about 30 or 40, deaths each year from guns.

You always hear this "guns don`t kill people-people kill people. " Ok. Why are guns being put in peoples hands?
I heard this morning about Seattle. All these shootings and crimes at the hands of young people disturbs me.
I have a friend from China that thinks th US is a violent country.

Perhaps I’m being naive,but it seems like people can access guns whenever they need one.“Bad” guys even steal guns to commit crimes.I’m sorry @surprisedJ and @kidsister that this happened in your neck of the woods.How awful!I don’t know how much gun laws play into this.I really believe our society is becoming more stressful as time goes on+less resources to help people.I cringe whenever I hear these stories because it could have been my son.He has no access to guns,but he was way overstressed and voices were telling him to hurt people.If he had been older+not gotten help-who knows what would happen.I think it does take a village to raise children.It would be wonderful if society was more close-knit and we looked out for each other.Many other countries have this.

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