My poor Seattle

I also believe this. Everyone is supposed to be perfect, and successful and tech savvy. Resources are getting cut, but jobs are being off shored and it’s just sort of spiraling into a huge bad vibe. It really upsets me that peoples reality T.v. misfortune is considered entertainment and it’s just all so negative.

I have to admit, I do sort of retreat from the world I see around me. That’s what the surfing is for. We surfers are a pretty benign group.

My sis said this in one of her post… “In some cases we are making great strides, but we are burning our bridges behind us.” It does feel like that sometimes. On one end we are steps ahead, but then we close shelters and cut services. I hope that some day this disconnect will heal.

When my sis thought that I was in the thick of it, so she decided to get into the thick of it to find me, and then I found out where she was… it was not a good evening. I own a cell phone now. Yuck, but oh well.

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I would love to go to Seattle and see Kurt cobains house. But I never evenleft canada

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He’s right. the U.S. LOVES violence. We reward violence. When you see a “star” beat the pieces out of a reporter he’s applauded. The Seattle Seahawks might play some good football, but so many of them are wife beaters. They are in the news more then they should be for domestic violence, and yet people still call them heroes…

Violent game sales are up, violent movies are up. It really makes me ill somedays.


I seriously don’t think gun laws have anything to do with it at all.
Allow everyone to have guns and guns are accessible to everyone.
Ban guns from most people or even everyone, and people will find ways to get guns and use them.
The Nazis disarmed and took guns from the Jews and others who were considered supporters of the Jews but their soldiers still fell to guns smuggled into the Warsaw ghetto that were patrolled and searched heavily by Nazis.

It is in the minds of people who do such things…

That said, this thread makes me miss my old home. I don’t like the big city, but Seattle was special though at most I only spent 4 days there 4th of July weekend 1998…
I lived up north, but often drove to Seattle …
We used to play a game, the kids who rode with us…I liked the game… whoever won the game would be owed a soda or candy bar…
When driving down I 5 from Bellingham whoever spotted 3 things could win a soda or candy.
Seattle…buildings, space needle. Space needle usually won you 2 of whatever…
So we would come over a hill on 5 and someone would yell out “Seattle!”
or “Space Needle” or “Buildings!”
Sometimes 2 would say it at the same time and someone would yell “Jinx!” (now known as sync).
Cool game…Fun times…

Space Needle!!! Buildings! I win!


I visited the Space Needle in '94 with my dad. What I remember most is some guy at the top with machine that stretched out a penny and he put the Space Needle, a whale, and a couple other local icons on the penny!


I collect smashed pennies from any and everywhere I can. Only have about 40 so far, but whenever I come across one, it’s like I won the lottery!

It makes me sad when I hear about these shootings, then it makes me very angry as well. They have to stop.
I do not believe in a ban on guns. That’s like banning spoons because they make people fat. Many own guns and should.

Look at the idiots who do the shooting. The profile is a young male, usually white, and very angry.
Ban the profile that causes the problems, not the rest of America who have followed the laws.

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@e_lunaseer- synch… it was 4th of july that my family’s house caught fire. I was 14 and my kid sis was 3. A fire work went through her bed room window and we both ended up in the burn unit.

the hill just behind the space needle is Queen Anne hill. My parents still live in that neighborhood.

98? The city was filled with smoke. We were lighting off fireworks…we were somewhere in the northeast part…not sure where…Pontiac bay area…
when we left it wasnt far before we got out of city…Looked like fires were everywhere…but assumed it was all fireworks smoke…

@77nick77… funny, You got a Seattle one… I got this one…

I have an Aunt and Uncle who live in San Leandro… that small town in between Oakland and Hayward.

I got one of those too!!! Yes, I’ve heard of San Leandro. I’ve never been there though.

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I remember the center of town was dominated by a huge catholic school and it had a mexican villa feel to the town center with a brick court yard, adobe style roofing and a Saint Leander town fountain.

It was a nice little place, and it had a huge marina and water front. Cute little place but so quiet compared to my home city.

I am very saddened by yet another shooting in America…I agree with csummersx that they should seek out the troubled young whites in America somehow? that sounds a lot harder than it did before I said it…how could the government know who’s upset at the world enough to shoot it up? I personally think these young white troubled males are on some kind of “power trip” about their guns and the ability to kill…too much hype in movies and video games about slaughtering innocent victims I think…I think the Golden Age of America is long gone…only Republicans holding up the NRA, and more and more killings…sad…

**This is a beautiful point–and one I will remember to say to someone one day

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When you read about these young, angry males with this fascination about getting even and wanting to make a name for themselves, it’s not to hard to figure out who needs a bit of extra help.
Usually the people in the town are aware of those with sadistic tendencies, who are withdrawn, are fascinated by others who kill, and most of all, who aren’t very well liked by the rest of the kids.
Screen the kids starting in jr high?
For homework assignments have them write a paper on how they feel about the prior shooters. Their thoughts on how to stop shootings, and how they feel about bully’s/being bullied and how to prevent it.