My maddness

Things we must do to control the madness ,when the pills don’t help…

Im all alone in my madness

know body really understands what I see

No one truly understands what we go through, not even other people on here understand our own specific journey. But there are things we can help each other on and certain things we can connect with :slight_smile:

What are some of the things you see or go through?


Mark, we are here for you. We understand your in pain. We are all here for you.

Some of us see horrible things also. We can relate to you.

when the pills don’t work, I voluntarily admit myself to a hospital. because I will end up in a hospital, one way or another.

I have been there have you tried diffrent kind of meds. Not every brand works for everyone

I was in phycosis last week but feel better now. Meds help if you find the right one

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How long have you been sick?

I have been looking to try new meds myself.

I walk with 18 or so , they whisper when Im calm ,but yell when Im stress . I known there not real but they sure know how to get my atendtion lol

I,ve been crazy since I was 7 or so

thats awesome , Im glad you got it under control

I try to walk among the norm’s ,keeping my madness to myself most the time

I just hide somewhere and try not to think too much. Its being around people which really triggers me.

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I hear 18 voices too, it’s hard to keep track of them all, especially when they basically all say the same things nowadays.
I’m proud of you for knowing they aren’t real; It took me almost 13 years to realize it. And same here, they know how to make me pay attention :confused:

Have you found any methods to keep them “dormant”? I’ve used music since I was little but it doesn’t work for everyone

I’m able to control most of my emotions or hide then to walk with the norn’s but my madness doesn’t shut off this is my everyday madness see less when Im calm but Im never calm till the night meds

If I play the music it must be very loud which doesn’t happen much cause I try to hang with the norms , I don’t know why just to think Im norm as I cry I wish everyday this would go away & the meds dont work till night time so all day crazy everyday Im so amazed how I keep from getting locked in da padded room lol they might keep me cause I work at it everyday to keep my girl & my fam from this madness

What is your night med? Is it Zyprexa? I used to take it and I was psychotic all day.