Question for all mental illnesses: what do you do to combat the voices (Not medication or hospital-wise)

I have a question, and anyone with Schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, PTSD,psychotic depression or any other hallucinating mental illness may answer this.

So I was talking about my condition (Psychotic depression) in foods class and some people didn’t even know exactly what schizophrenia is, as they believed the lies by the media. I told them what schizophrenia/psychosis in any form is, and they said if there were a manga or anime about it, they would watch it. So I am gonna hold off on my Yamako one and I am going to draw a manga that is meant to draw more awareness for those with mental illness. I know how I combat my voices, but I knwo everyone has a different way.

So here is the question: How do you combat the voices, other than hospitals and medications or doing anything treatment related? This story is going to be about a boy that so far is undiagnosed, and I need soem feedback on how to make this person.

How I combat my voices is I scream at them or physically fight them.

There are three ways to fight danger. Fight, flight and freeze. I freeze. I ignore them freezing.

■■■■ I never fought the ones in my head. Well Lena I listened to and I would do whatever she told me to do which was like pulling my hair out or self-harming, Melanie never directly told me anything, but she was always hinting at me to kill myself or something.

Nowadays, with only outside voices, not much there is I can do besides smoke a joe and go about my buisness. Won’t say that some blood curdling screams didn’t scare the ■■■■ out of me, but there’s not much you can do about it.
Wish I had something more useful to say.

I have noticed that listening music helps when I only hear music playing. I have my headphones and I listen music quite loudly without disturbing my neighbours because walls are quite thin.

I listen to music, too. I find it distracts me when I hear voices. I talk back to them as well, but it only agitates me (and the voices) further. Music or a religious mantra helps me.

My voices go away when I’m around people. Unfortunately that’s typically when the telepathic messages start to occur. Listening to music helps me keep them quiet. So really it’s just stay busy and don’t be alone.

Its so true. My voices are worse when alone and doing nothing. Around my husband or other people they seem to quieten.

Now my voices aren’t bad but when they were, I’d sleep a lot. It was such a relief. But then just a few seconds after I woke up they’d be back again.

i try not to talk to them at all. i find that if i don’t engage them the are talking less. but some days they are hard to ignore. xxx