Madness setting in

I want to stop taking my medication its like I keep taking this poison this poison that is making me sick …the voices are saying things to me awful things… I hear screams telling me to save them I want to help them … I want to scrub the bugs off my skin they are eating at my skin…am I going crazy… is insanity eating me alive? People are against me they don’t like me I have to do something about that

Madness is setting in


Welcome. I have not seen you before.

How is your sleep? Lack of sleep makes everything much worse.

Hey I’m new here my sleep is good some nights bad other nights

tezzie, ur meds r not poison. they r taken to make u better. they clearly aren’t working so u either need to up the dose or try a new med altogether. xxx


Hi, @tezzie88 , I’m sorry you feel this way right now. However, your medication should pretty much help you with all of these symptoms. If it doesn’t, please talk to your pdoc about what you have told us, he or she can help you by changing the medication to something more efficient.

Let me assure you that people are not against you. Some may not like you, but please don’t focus on them, all of us have people who love us and people who can’t bear us for some reason or other. Try to find people you trust (I cannot say that enough) and rely on them for emotional support.

Remember: what you are feeling are just the symptoms of SZ. If you get good medication and try a bit, you will be able to overcome SZ. It will not eat you away, just give sanity a chance and you will see. We’ve all been through this here on this forum, and really understand where you are coming from. Have courage, it will pass.

It’s horrible when you go through it, but please make an effort and talk to your pdoc so they can change your medication to something that will clear most of the voices and bugs and this feeling of being persecuted. Nobody should feel all of that and not get help.

Please tell me you will see your pdoc and then let us know how it went, ok?

I’m rooting for you to get better soon.



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I see the mental health nurse tomorrow I was going to write everything that is going on with me what if I go to hospital? I feel that I’m really bad… people hate me …my dad died 2 weeks ago its all my fault do any one of you think I will go into hospital again ?

Work with your doctor to find a med. that helps and that you can tolerate.

Thanks for all your support

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Sweetheart, I’m so sorry for your loss. Be strong, it’s not your fault, it’s your loss, that’s it. You will get through this stage , it’s very painful, but you’ll be ok.

If you will have to go to hospital, don’t fear that perspective. Maybe you need some time off to accomodate with the fact that your father died and to have your voices clear out. However, if you find a good medication right now, it is possible that you might not need supervision during recovery, so hospitalisation is not necessary.

How do you feel dear? Do you think that you will be able to take your meds and go through this by yourself, or do you think you might need medical assistance? It’s up to you, I think.

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I think I will see how tomorrow will go and assess it then

tezzie hunni, it’s not ur fault that ur dad died. my son thought the same when his dad died but it simply wasn’t true. like him, u r not seeing things clearly right now. it’s a great idea to write all your symptoms down and show them to ur team. so what of u go into hospital. it might just b the best place for u right now so that ur team can get ur meds sorted and make u feel soooo much better. xxx


I’m sorry for your dad. It was not your fault. When I became ill my 9 year old son blamed himself for it. I was away from home for a year. In hostpital half the time. Don’t be afraid. Hospital helps you if it is needed. I could not manage on my own. I had stopped eating and showering.

Talk to your nurse tomorrow. If you can’t talk, write her a letter! I do that because the voices empty my head of thoughts when I’m in my pdoc’s office.