My cry for help 2

I don’t want to live.
I don’t know how long I’ll survive.
Eventually life will get better than me.
I have tried eliminating all expectations and just trying to survive, and it doesn’t work.
Being ambitious is even worse.
I increasingly fear my life might end in suicide, this way or the other.

I love you @Chess24
All life is precious
All life has dignity
You must have hope.
Hope for a better tomorrow.


@Chess24 If you are in danger of harming yourself, please contact Emergency Services.
Know that this shall pass.

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@Chess24 , are you on 10mg of Olanzapine? Or less ?

Nevermind. I remember. You’re on 10mg.

If you keep getting suicidal ideation on it then it might be time to switch to another antipsychotic.

I’d strongly suggest lithium too. @Chess24 I think you have rapid cycling bipolar. I’m quite serious about that

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OK I feel better now.
The important thing is to get through crises.
These crises come in attacks, they attack you occasionally.
The important thing is to get through the crises and move on.
The crises keep coming, and you keep going.
Also, reducing expectations is a great coping mechanism.

@everhopeful I was not satisfied with olanzapine at all.
I am tapering off now.
If I see that the situation becomes intolerable I might try a different antipsychotic.

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Didn’t he say:

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Aw crap. :astonished:

@Chess24 listen to @Moonwalker. Talk to your doctor about these swings you’re having.

Please try another antipsychotic as soon as possible if you feel Olanzapine isn’t working out. But don’t come off it without talking to your doctor.

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