More capable than she lets on

This morning I had a doctors appointment, my mother in law was asleep when I went down stairs to leave.

Well, my car wouldn’t start, I spent probably thirty minutes messing around with it before going back inside.

When I got there,

My mother in law was in the kitchen cooking sausage, eggs and toast.

What an effing surprise.

She can’t even get herself a glass of water when I’m around, but as soon as she thinks I’m gone she can cook again?

I asked her if she needed help and she sheepishly said no.

Made a total mess of the kitchen, but managed to make herself a nice breakfast.

I can’t believe it.


Things that make you go “hmmm” !


Wow. That’s actually downright mean of her to demand help for what she can do alone. She’s taking advantage of you big time!


Wowwww. I hate when people take advantage like that.


Well she got caught so it will be interesting to see if she asks you to do something similar again.



She still has me doing all her petty tasks,

Getting water, pills and food for her.

I’m pissed that she can do all these things but still asks me to.


I know she’s suffering some sort of depression, but she still can’t make me her servant,

I have schizophrenia and still care for this whole household.


If you don’t want to flat out say no, what about telling her you’ll do it in a bit. Make her wait if she doesn’t want to do it herself.


I suspected as such. My grandpa does the same thing. Honestly, I would make her get up and get something if she wants it. (Within reason, obviously. I’m not suggesting you make her vaccuum the house by herself.) Also maybe instead of doing simple tasks for her, guide her through the task and let her be the one to actually complete the task. That’s what I do with my grandpa when he needs to use the microwave, make a phone call, put his dishes in the sink, stuff like that.


I used to cook when I was alone, but when I joined a group home, I felt hurried and careless and couldn’t cook with others around. I’m just wondering if this could be your mother in law’s problem. Maybe you could promise to stay in your room while she works if this is a possibility. It’s paranoia, I know.


I stand by my advice of tossing her bum ass out.

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Wow @anon54386108.
Ain’t that something!


I’m on team Just Say No. if she really wants something, she can do it. If she doesn’t do it, guess she didn’t want it. If she complains, tell her that it’s good for her recovery. Or just put on headphones and ignore her.


You’re not anybody slave.old ppl are annoying

You’ll be old some day.

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Exactly… Thanks firemoneky for demonstrating my hypothesis

I’m not sure what you mean :thinking:

I thought she got approved for Medicare and was moving to an assisted living?


She got approved for disability,

But I don’t know if she’s going to an assisted living facility,

Somehow I doubt it now.

My husband is not going to want to send her away unless she really gets bad off,

Right now it seems that she’s much better than she lets on so its kind of a confusing situation.

We’re looking for a house with a mother in law suite right now,

That’s his solution.

I don’t think it’ll work because she still “needs” so much help.

Its been 5 months since she broke her hip and still requires a walker,

Its just ridiculous.


Your being super patient with her.
It must be difficult for your husband, seeing his mother like this.

Hang in there @anon54386108.

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I’m glad you are able to vent on here a bit. Sometimes just talking about a bad situation can make it slightly more bearable. We love you Rex.