Misleading articles

I noticed some of the information on here is misleading. Some people on here even told me it is inappropriate to exercise on my medication, which I can’t find in any information given to me by my pharmacy or doctor. If you listen to some of the articles on here, high cholesterol is a positive thing because it is good for cognition, and estrogen therapy is also good for males according to quack pop psychology articles on here.

Furthermore, if you paid attention to some of these articles and didn’t do your own research, it would sound like the schizophrenic brain was deformed some how. However, I’ve had my brain scanned by a very competent neurologist, and according to him, my brain is “perfectly normal and healthy”. So don’t let people on here psyche you out. You probably are much more normal and healthy than you think.

In fact, my neurologist described my brain repeatedly as normal many many times. He stressed it a lot when he went over the findings. Maybe I should record it and post it on this site just to prove a point that A LOT of the information here is misleading. They would have you convinced our brains are deformed.

Enlarged ventricles are common in people with schizophrenia, but not everyone gets them. There are other differences too, maybe mortimermouse could tell you more.

I know a number of TIs who have passed CT scans and MRIs without any abnormalities, and I don’t see how that proves it is a hallucination anyway. The mechanism of causation behind these so called abnormalities are not understood according to this very website were on.

I don’t really get what you’re trying to say… No one as far as I know is trying to prove based on brain scans that what so-called targeted individuals experience are hallucinations. Also remember that most trends they discover related to sz are not visible on individual brain scans.

If you dont want to prove it by empirical means, let’s see you do it by rational means then philosophically. Rationalism and empiricism are the only methods of proof we have, after all.

I’m not interested in having a long argument with you about this. Seems completely pointless as you’ve already made up your mind. I was just trying to explain a little about the enlarged ventricles and brain scans.

You’ve made up your mind too, but I am willing to logically discuss my position and defend it, unlike yourself when push comes to shove. Instead, you rely on moderators to silent opposition.

Keep throwing those accusations at me if it makes you feel any better. I explained myself and I’m done. Thanks for the talk.

Fair enough, but I bet you this whole thread will eventually be erased, even though I’ve done nothing wrong, which even you I bet can agree on.

@Daimon The question I would ask is why you have grossly abnormal thinking/are delusional? despite having that supposedly “normal” brain.
If your brain is normal what else could make you,as evidenced by your posts on this forum, prone to grossly abnormal thinking.?


I would argue you’re the one with grossly abnormal thinking compared to me. More people believe in demonic possession than your leftist, socialist, atheist propaganda and that we should put implants in medications to monitor whether people are sitting down or standing up, or that we should bring back mental asylums, yoda yoda yoda, the list goes on and on with you.

Also, isn’t it true you go months without taking a bath (you don’t have showers apparently in your section 8 equivalent housing block)? I take a shower every day, and my housing isn’t state supplemented. I read you state this a while ago. Arguably you are more “ill” than me.

Who are you really, out of all people, to be judging me as “grossly abnormal”?

Yes, I posted about that. It was something newsworthy . It doesn’t mean I,by any means, wholly approve of the idea.
As for trying to say that being an atheistic socialist is grossly abnormal compared to spouting loads of crap about demonic possession- that quite frankly is totally ridiculous and shows where your mind is at.


Christians, Hindus, and Muslims outnumber atheist socialists, and demonic possession comes as a per-requisite to these ideologies.

Just out of curiosity, where does your feelings you are a woman/transgendered fit on your"abnormal" scale?

I have never tried to claim that I am “normal” unlike you. As for who is more ill that would depend on measuring across multiple domains. I have never denied that in some respects I am probably quite ill.

I am guessing from your view point it is more acceptable to feel you are the opposite gender than to believe in the paranormal or demonic possession.The Silent Majority I think would disagree with you.

From your viewpoint do your transgendered feelings constitute as an illness even? I would imagine from your political ideology it doesn’t.