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To the members of I’ve been a long time member of this site going back to before they revamped it many years ago. I want you to be aware of a problem I encountered. There are people pretending to be researchers doing studies which are actually collage students looking for information to use in their speeches and doing their school reports.

I was plagiarized by a girl off this site. She used what I said word for word in a speech she gave to other students about schizophrenia. I saw it in a video on youtube.

I’m not sure if the mods are aware of this problem but I think you guys should know this before you willingly give out details about your condition or what may or may not have helped you.

It really pisses me off that there are people out there taking advantage of us and our conditions for their own gain.

I think the people of this site need to be aware of the problem.


Don’t know what is what. I’d be glad if people share my stories. I’m cool with that.

I’d let the mods know you had a problem. Report or flag the user who did it and move from there.

It’s a work in progress and you can’t moderate for some issues. You just have to react.

Peace. Hope you get some kindness!

Just flag the users you know are doing this

I would report the person but the incident I had took place before the site switched over. I had to create a new account a couple years ago. I saw the speech the girl made on youtube after I created a new account. I have no way of finding out what her user name was.

I’ma bump this
Post the video for credibility

Heres the video

Are you sure man that’s the girl?
Shes preety famous, I wouldn’t take her for the brainy type but she must have some brain if she’s doing research in astronomy

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The part where she talks about nightmares when she’s awake. I’ve talked about that in the past and she uses parts of it word for word.


Sorry but it sounds like pure coincendence to me. Alot of our issues and problems are pretty common and the same i think.

I would actually feel honoured - if my material was used for a talk - and least others are gaining insight and knowledge from our condition?

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I’ve posted an excerpt from the forum guidelines. If the Mods see an issue or someone flags a concerning post, we review the post and take appropriate action.

With that said, I don’t think you need be concerned (or read anything into it) if you come across a video or article that describes sz/sza experiences or symptoms that are similar to something you’ve experienced yourself. People are going to have some similar symptoms and experiences. We see that all the time on the forum when someone posts about something and others chime in that they’ve experienced something similar.

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Seeing some of the things she hallucinated as characters from scary movies is why I never watch horror movies.
They just have the worst ideas for someone who has a disorder with hallucinations/delusions.
Kind of like if I don’t know about it then it won’t come up.

I’ve watched Cecilia’s livestreams and even have a certificate for volunteering from her. She mostly does researches for astronomy and I don’t think she would be on this site for that. A lot of her work is for schizophrenia outreach and stopping the stigma and I don’t think I’ve heard of a research being conducted on this site by her. She also has a team for her non-profit in her university, Penn State, so I don’t think she would reach out to this site but rather go with her team.

Are you sure that it was Cecilia? Maybe that person was using her information and pretending to be her.

I think many of us have described the feeling of psychosis as dreaming while awake.

Are you sure she is not just going from her own experience? People with sz normally have a lot of stories they can go on when relating to delusions, it is not something she probably needed to copy from.

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