I think I am being lied to

Because docs tell me I have psychotic disorder. Is it a real disease or its just a symptom of other diseases?

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I think its a symptom of something

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Arent u szphrenic…???

The brain is awefully complicated! Something goes wrong and it’s just beyond our understanding!

I know that isn’t a good answer to anyone suffering but it’s the best of our medical technology at the moment.

that could change tomorrow. Meanwhile take the pills and work on improving your lot! It’s not easy but live as large as you can!

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Everythime I got off the pills I had a psychotic episode, they say I am psychotic in every moment from my understanding

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Hi croc u need to take ur antipsychotic…!!! Every psychotic break destroys ur grey matter which causes negative symptoms.!!! Holy cow…


My full diagnosis is psychotic disorder with sz symptoms. I remember how much time they had to took to diagnose me. They thought I was bipolar because I had maniacal episodes which is why I am still on mood stabilizer then they thought I was sz. I don’t think they diagnosed me right

I only know that in my case, I like to deny having sz. It seems like the worst fate in the world. But, I can turn my music hallucination to my advantage. I have a music gig at my church later this morning, and I’m sure that I will do great because I can hear the music in my head.

Sz is what you make of it. Just like life itself. “Do yourself a favor / Wake up to your mind / Life is what you make it / You see but still you’re blind / Get yourself together / Give before you take / You’ll find out the hard way / Soon you’re gonna break / Hey, hey, hey.” “Smiling Phases,” BS&T

I can insert this song if you want.

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This is off topic, I just want to know if psychotic disorder with sz symptoms is a real diasese or I am just misdiagnose. I love to hear that song

I’m listening to it, too.

It’s a matter of trusting your pdoc’s Dx. No – your pdoc. How good is he/she at using the DSMV?

I was at one hospitalized in Cluj napoca, the second Most advanced city in my country at one of the best hospitals there, I was diagnosed by a doctor who had over 20 years of experience.
But I think the diagnosis sound like a made up one

Can you look the Dx up in the DSM-V yourself? Is it online?

I don’t go there anymore for my sessions. I go in my home town Arad, at a non ■■■■ giver pdoc

I will take a look, did not now it was online

It might not be the most updated edition online, but yes, it should be available.

It basically boils down to treatment.

It’s psychotic disorders of which schizophrenia is one. It is a thing that is greatly fluid as symptoms change over time and how you present without and with medication can make a difference!

If meds work for you then stay on them. That is what is important.

I do well on meds. Sorts out some serious stuff for me and that is cool.

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It a real diasese. I found it in DSM V

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The meds are working for me, I will cut them off in time with the supervision of my pdoc

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Good work.151515