Shizophrenia is insane

Insane, it is. Meds we on, with more severe side-effects than any “illegal” drug ever found/made. We get with tax-money to make us, less schizophrene. Cos the drugs be made with profit in sight. As with illegal drugs. Still, illegal drugs=better highs, less sideeffects, and, in reality, cheaper for everybody. I think this ■■■■■■■■ is made up, so as not let us do what our instincts tell us to do. The stigma is insane. Nobody want ANYTHING to do with a schizophrenic individual. We are lab-rats. We are jews. We are unter-mensch.


i really urge the med company doc researcher to come up with best possible med or therapy…

yeah, i know, really, i guess the best pharmacists is working on these drugs. Problem is, the need for drugs itself. It’s a fake need. It’s a “need” THEY made us believe that we need. I was fine before all this ■■■■ happened. I was a criminal, free-thinking person which is what our society dislikes. That is why they want us turned into tv-watching, pill-eating zombies. It’s all about power. And the most ruthless ALWAYS have the power.

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Im not preaching, lol, trying not to anyway, but this ■■■■ pisses me off.

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It’s supply and demand, in a reverse situation. Nobody with sz ever asked to be drugged out by these bastards.

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I think that being schizophrenic is like being thrown into a different point of view of reality. (It’s a matter of perspectives.) We must be brave because we seem to have a need to isolate where we find little conflicts within our own minds. You can mingle all you want but your underlying problem has yet to be resolved. I go where I can find greater peace of mind. It’s like at least when I’m here posting I don’t feel so apart like lost in space with very few ties to keep me from going completely over the edge.


I totally agree, and do the same thing. It just doesn’t seem to make any difference, or matter in the slightest

I dunno bro, I think this forum is helping you out a whole lot man. Helps me, and I know that a lot of people including me are bitter over having to live with pills. For me it’s hell.

In 2008 before my diagnosis I couldn’t hack it and poisoned myself with 100,000 milligrams of Tylenol and went to bed. I metabolized everything and woke up in so much pain. They gave me a magnesium IV hours later and I didn’t die…only to go back to the thing that I used to kill myself…pills…

It’s one helluva curse to poison myself everyday to live a normal life and if I don’t take them now I’ll die because I’m so dependent on them.

So when people say the illness is hell in a nutshell, I totally agree and see some twisted bitter punishment for me trying to take my own life with pills to going to slowly poisoning myself every day with pills.

Sort of a twisted world sometimes…


I agree with you neveragain. It just seems so hopeless, like, the idea of never fitting in, always being a target for psychos


I say snap outta it for now though bro. I mean I’m not going to keel over and die over this condition and since I got on invega shots my head has really cleared and this no carb no sugar diet has also made me less moody. I totally can say that I didn’t expect things to get this well. That is a great feeling! I also quit drinking and smoking pot and I really evened out from the decision even though it’s hard not to just run to beer and be a baby about things. I dunno, I see potential for peace in every person on this site .


indeed a valuable positive words. appreciated keep it up never.cuz we want people like u to share an idea cuz i too am very ignorant…

congratulations on the positive life change…

You sound happy and you’ve worked so hard.

I’m glad things are going well you… you have worked your butt off… I’m glad it’s paying off.

Very cool. :v:

Wow You are really are becoming an inspiration for me.

I felt like going and getting some alcohol today.

Even this site was making me want to drink alcohol so I was trying to stay away from this site.

I’ve had to live with the pills and their sfx for two decades now. The more psychotherapy I got, the lower the p-docs could take the dosage.

The lower the dosage, the less the sfx.

So I keep doing psychotherapy and using stress management skills.

I refuse to stay “learned helpless” just because I was trained to be.

Any amount of training or entrapment can never prepare one for the traps humans lay on our way

And i would even estimate that reading us for clarity is done to an advantage of a sick ego driven society that blankets us with distrust over and over

To a breaking point that comes exceeding close to claiming criminal abuse at the hands of a passive demon let loose for further antics.