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Transsexuals do exist whereas it’s impossible to prove that demons do. As for my thoughts on the issue of wanting to be a woman - I have been quite clear and open about that in the past. Including entertaining the possibility that obsessionally delusional thinking was involved. There are transsexuals who are not mentally ill, those with psychosis who have delusional thoughts re being the opposite sex and those who happen to be both transsexuals and severely mentally ill .

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Most people will neither see themselves as demon possessed or with female/male minds trapped in male/female bodies.

Prove it is impossible to prove demons don’t exist. I would really love to see you try to do that.

You are saying that only because the DSM is based solely on the voting by psychiatrists.

I am saying that because it is a fact. I am not claiming I am one of those people.

Most transsexuals don’t fit the criteria for serious mental illness. Some may have anxiety/depression as a result of the difficulties that can occur through being transsexual.

Are there difficulties associated with believing you are demonically possessed?

If you went on about it ad nauseam, then of course . Also if believing it was a part of what made you psychotic.

You are still yet to prove it is impossible to prove demonic possession.

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You are yet to prove they do exist- touché

You’re the one who made the claim. If you lack evidence, it does not prove a negative.

That would be like saying it is impossible to prove m-theory or string-theory in a way, at least from your perspective.

You are the one making a counter claim without the same proof you demand off me.
Thoughts on demonic possession have been around for centuries and yet incontrovertible proof they exist has never been presented. Why is that ? Could it be because it has proven impossible to do so ?
In the age of (digital) cameras and video you would have expected a few snaps of demons if they truly exist.

Like I said, a lack of proof does not prove a negative or that it is impossible to prove, or else m-theory and string theory would not still exist.

Also, there is scientific evidence for demonic possession, which has been documented by the vatican of the person showing clairvoyant knowledge and speaking fluently in languages they dont know.

And you’re an expert?

so you are a dualist - how is transsubstantial causation supposed to work then?

I meant as in they’re non-biological. They could, however, be made up of energy.

@firemonkey, arguing with this chump isn’t going to solve anything.