Men love me, women don't give me light of day

This is something I realize. Anyone else like this??? Men always tell me “you’re the man!!!” Or like the other day I hung out with a new kid. A friend of a friend and he later told my friend. “Your boy Jon is mad cool!!!” And stuff. This kid I’m hanging with today says "you’re awesome " whenever I do anything that impresses him. I think I’m in the wrong sexual orientation cuz women have never given me light of day. Well there was this one girl in iop who was married with a kid who would say “you’re badass!!!” And “you’re awesome!!!” And compliment me non stop. But she was married and had a kid so it was diff. No girl ever gives me light of day and I’m too damaged emotionally from traumas and stuff to make convo with women too much. And if I do they treat me sub human. And give me cold shoulders.

I’m equally prone to approach a male for convo as a female.

I am quite popular among the males. But I’m not gay. And no erez, I’m not willing to be gay either.

But males always complimenting me, women never giving me light of day.

Sorry if this thread sparks a controversy I just feel like venting today. What am I doing wrong??? People are people. Male or female. Why do males think so highly of me. Yet women have never even talked to me in my life??? How do I change this.

Among the male friends I am always the “leader”. I always take a stand, make decisions, am the voice of reason, the strongest personality of all. Yet I never ever experience any success with the other gender.


Well there go MY plans for the evening.



Maybe I just don’t “get” women. None of us do after all. There’s nothing to get…and grasp about them. And trying to understand women just makes more confusion after all.

I get where you are coming from in regards to the pretty ladies, I’m not really popular with guys though. I don’t really have any social life outside the internet.

You’re an awesome dude and you obviously have a huuuuuge heart. Mrs. Right is out there for you. Are you doing volunteer work? Best way I know of to meet the really nice ladies who care about others (and you will find you are outnumbered by gals when you volunteer).


Hm hm lets start from the basics: do you watch over your personal hygiene and the hygiene of your living space?
Do you appear as more emotionally needy than a providing person, and do you get offended easily? Do you appear as cold bloded or act naturally or too cheesy.? :roll_eyes:
Gender theories aside, women are complicated. I need to recharge myself after a girl talk session, seriously.

Ps.Dont mind my questions,just trying to help.


I actually met my only girlfriend I ever had in volunteer work so that’s not a bad idea.

And that was when I was at my worst practically. I am now at my best so far in life.

Yeah she may have been the exact opposite of what I was looking for in that desperate moment…but hey it’s still a good idea.

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I can see where you’re really coming from, @Jonnybegood! Only for me it’s kind of the opposite. I’ve been attracting female attention on and off ever since I was about 8 years old. Only sometimes I’d be oblivious to it, or react really negatively towards it. I find human females a fair amount easier to talk to than men in part I think because I’m highly sensitive. I think why I start to develop crushes on professional women, especially since I share a lot of the same values as mine. But, I’ve had certain women swoon over me so much that they were practically drooling over me. Being this good looking has its drawbacks. Although, imo @Jonnybegood, I’d say you’re very physically attractive! Don’t be so hard on yourself!


No I’m none of those things really.

I just took my daily shower. I have a bi weekly cleaning lady come. My apartment is crystal clean.

Emotionally?? I think I am in the 1st percentile of most needy people on earth. Hadn’t always been that way. I’m probably at an unhealthy lack of codependentism…I used to be codependent… I then overnight went to “the abcense of codependentism”. Long story.

Never get offended. What is there to get offended about when your as ■■■■■■ awesome as I am!! and people tell me I’m awesome all the time lol. I should mention older women compliment me a ton and stuff but never the women in my age range give me light of day.

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That made me giggle!

On another note. I’m a girl as you might know and we are not that complicated, really. It’s quite simple. Talk to more girls, maybe compliment them if you think something’s good about them, ask them how their day has been. The latter is actually quite important to me. When a guy asks me how I am, how my day has been and show me that they care about me, I fall flat on the floor: face first. :joy:

Basically, if you like someone, or care for someone, show them! What have you got to lose? Literally nothing.


Then…their lost man. :grinning:


i think I’m cursed sometimes. Ugh. I’m feeling really down now. Nothing anyone did but traumatic nature of my past. It’s hard for me to do things like that with strangers. I need to meet a girl at a PLACE. not sure where but I’m not going to the right places. Pixel is right.


May I ask what happened? The traumatic part? Maybe I can help you.

Really all you need to show out is your natural self. And if you add a confidence to it, it will come eventually. Yeah just appear as self confident. Fake it if you need. And let the right one in .


That’s how I think sister!!! But I can still make a venting thread on szcom. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy::astonished::v:️:baby::baby::baby: Used to be codependent. Then I got tricked by a man on the internet pretending to be a girl and I kind of reversed the codependency by saying that will never happen again. It really was an overnight thing for me. I’m glad tho it all of a sudden clicked on that manner. Because codependency was holding me back in others aspects of life.

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Oh yeah it rings some bells for me.
Really people naturally strive to hang out with self confident and positive people. And if you are not one of them ( im not for instance) fake it till you make it.

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My life is filled with trauma. I used to be very sensitive. The trauma runs deep. I can think back to when I was 13 and I had already had a lot of bad stuff happening to me and someone said “Miranda I think Jon has a crush on you” and Miranda went “ewwwwwww”. I know she was a 13 year old girl but I already had a lot of bad stuff happen to me at that point. It was the camel that broke the straws back. I ended up delusional and schizophrenic a year later in an fantasy world. Then all the abuse through sz and doing drugs and stuff. I’ve built myself up. But the trauma runs deep. I am a sensitive and fragile person naturally I think. The meds help with that tho. I am thick skinned now. But it runs deep the trauma. The meds just mask it. Then Miranda later like 3 years later was very rude to me again when she KNEW I was struggling and stufff. Then I saw her when I was 20 and chronically psychotic and she finally felt bad for me.

I see a ptsd therapist. Actually today. Maybe I will talk about Miranda.

I haven’t talked about any of the major traumas just the minor ones in this thread.

Lots of evil people abused me during the midst of my psychosis and it’s hard to reverse that despite how LARGE of a personality I have now.


Get a motorcycle.

We could talk for hours about how you’re good looking and a super caring, thoughtful guy,

But @Sarad is absolutely right.

People love confidence,

So do some positive affirmations,

And get a motorcycle, because they’re sexy and scream confidence.


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I have chronic panic attacks that a motorcycle would set off I’m sure. How about a truck. Think that’s great for my personality. I’ve wanted a truck for 5 years. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: