A few thoughts about men and women and equality by someone who grew up in the generation of Kennedy, race riots and Womens Lib

Are you aware that women can overdo being a feminist? I’m sure you are. When the pendulem of equality swings, people can get left out, discounted, and taken advantage of. And the penulem I’m talking about is anyone fighting for their rights. Equal opportunity is all fine and dandy. But I treat most women respectfully and i expect the same treatment back.but I’ not going to let some female take advantage of my niceness unfairly in the name of feminism.

You might be wondering why I’m leaving out men in this post. I’m not trying to pick on women. It goes without saying that men cause a lot of trouble. Many are jerks towards women. Well, they have to reap what they sow in an unhappy home life. In fact I was a good kid but I caused a little trouble too. It goes without saying that many men will live their lives by the rule of. “Screw the other guy before he screws you”.

These are the people I see and I have worked with. Yes, But anyway, I’m dealing with this.

I don’t know what I’m trying to say but when the women out in public or out on the road are trying their best to bug me along with all the guys, it seems kind of weird that in the next minute they are depending on me. What do I really owe women? I leave them alone and they turn around and use it against me. I’m generalizing here because most of the day most people are cool and just living their lives. But part of the day, things can get a little crazy and I am going to look out for myself and ignore the as*holes who if they can’t beat you directly they think it’s their right to just screw around with you.

Leave me alone and I will leave you alone, and maybe I’ll check out sexy women but I’m not responsible for the way women were treated a 100 years ago. My great father always rooted for the underdog his whole life. Well, I’m the underdog in life. I want to be liked by people but feminism is not my top priority in life. My priority right now is hanging on to what i have going in this tragic comedy that we like to call life. I will help whoever I can, female or male. Good luck.


I wasn’t being sarcastic in my post in you last thread -just to clarify-. I seriously get hot in the right seasons and believe that some people like it too hot. They should bring sweaters/jackets like I do.

When people tell women to cover up I don’t always see it as being against feminism. I see it as people from another generation marking the passage of time. If men started wearing short shorts, I think those same people would make comments about men. It’s like the Never Nude on Arrested Development.

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@77nick77 Are you feeling like there are people who judge you?

This might be a symptom.

If not, who cares what people think!?!

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when one is dealing directly with people in order to earn money, one has to care what people think.


No, I don’t feel like anyone’s judging me. I’m just trying to live my life with what I got.


Women endure the hardest trial of childbirth, but are often told my older men, “I don’t ever want to see my daughter in a fox hole.”

Sexual assault, whether it be harassment, or actual physical assault happens every 40 in the military.

When you see those dead in combat, you never see women. They are in humanitarian missions, working with kids, keeping the peace.

Women are not in high ranking positions in the military, or look again, even in the police force.

Women don’t make as much money as men in any field they enter, in private, or military.

Women, I’ve been told, if they hurl sexual slurs at men, the way they do, are often raped.

The men in the military are religious, patriotic, and fair always to women, and if you believe that, you must be a Republican.

I think there is a female three star general in the military. It takes time for a person to work his or her way up through the ranks.
I will concede that women suffer many injustices, but when a guy plays some of the manipulative tricks on women that women play on men, women can’t deal with it. They get seriously angry.

Women can play, and are not asking to be raped, Crimby.

I said nothing about rape. If women can play, why can’t men?

Because men exploit, and women entice, women typically don’t rape men, and are subtle, but men I’ve seen in my jobs, toward me to other men are giving the big boobs sign, bosses who wait til you are in a bar to make a move, men at women’s jobs who seize every opportunity to get you in their truck at breaks, get your address, come onto you, take you, men at your job who help you out, think you should help them out, men who teach that you are attracted to will destroy your mind, men in the kitchen will lead you into discussion only to belittle you, and then later, you go out to a club, and they body f-u-c-k you from behind on the dance floor.

This is a complex topic and has many nuances. I agree with each of the previous posters.

@77nick77 Men and women are equally capable of being a$$holes. We have found gender equality in that aspect for sure. Fortunately, most people are only a$$holes a small fraction of the time and are cool the majority of the time.

@Daze. Women still face many hurdles before they achieve full equality with men. Fortunately, progress continues to be made, and I am hopeful that true equality will be achieved eventually.

@crimby Women can be manipulative just as men can be, and both should be willing to receive that which they are willing to “dish out” to others.


I think nicks saying he’s not like this at all so why should he be a victim to feminism…or care about it.

I said to my therapist that men and women are equal and feminism is not about equality but about women ruling the world and she mentioned the glass ceiling…I said to her “I haven’t had a real job in 6 years you think I give an f about a glass ceiling!”

Being a white male with schizophrenia it’s nearly impossible to get a job around here…probably tougher than any other demographic

If I’m understanding this all right…

Sexism is still a problem and I’m seeing some bad examples of it in my daughter’s school this month. I support women pushing for equal rights and equal pay.


I just think it’s dumb that the nice guys who treat women fairly get treated worse than anyone.

Maybe the bully men are at the top…but two wrongs don’t make a right.

Then again I could care less about power.

But don’t like hearing ppl complain when they empower everything they speak out against. (Not all) but many women do…

Feminism is not about women ruling the world. It helped current persons who are ruling the world. Some women thought they belongs to the social elites. but actually they are not and will never be.
It’s my thoughts.

I think women should be judged for their intelligence…like this smart young lady below…

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I’m unfollowing this thread tho all the feminist/non feminist threads always wind up badly.

I just do my own thing…I could care less about power. I just wanna enjoy myself and satisfy my instincts…could care less about everything ELSE around me.


I can’t imagine men and women are equal when a woman walks down a factory lane full of men at the printing presses, and they look her up and down, no woman among them, looking for competition.

I’ve always done the hard jobs, the greasy jobs, the hard labor, and was never once rewarded for catching an error they were about to print, for suggesting a better way to market, for telling them it’s right to be a cleaning a company that can’t get stains out. Too late for them, they lost the account, and so did I.

Yeah, it’s pretty noticeable how often women choose the ‘bad boy’ (douchebag) over the nicer guys who treat them properly.

Usually sociopaths. They gravitate towards management and power positions.


As if men put display for women to be what they should want, that’s funny.