Well never give up (dating) hope, people

So first of all I am not exactly prime dating material by any means whatsoever. I go to this same gas station for cigarettes on a regular basis and so it should be obvious to them that

  1. I probably don’t have a job
  2. I am up at all sorts of weird hours
  3. I chain smoke like a fiend

Plus I am often not doing well, so half the time I am in there I am

  1. unshowered, greasy, messy hair
  2. huge, dark eyebags
  3. dirty outfit I have been wearing for over a week straight

I am also a good 30 pounds overweight, and even if all of this stuff were not true, my features are average at best in terms of being attractive. In addition to my puffy face and eye bags, I just have a kind of a drug-addict gnome look about me.

Then my social skills are also terrible. I don’t make much eye contact, I don’t talk much, and probably always seem weirdly flighty/paranoid.

In spite of ALL this, this guy at the gas station always tries to chitchat with me, and tonight when I went to buy cigarettes, he tried to ask me out. I was more or less stunned/startled because there I am, fat, awkward, greasy, dirty clothes, even dirty finger nails which I didn’t notice until I was halfway down the block, and he asked me what my name was, saying in all this time he’s never known my name.

I told him and then he asked me if I had a boyfriend, I said no.
Then he asked me if I was looking for a boyfriend, and I said no.
And then he acted disappointed and tried to ask me why, and gestured to himself and tried to indicate he was interested.

I grabbed my cigarettes, said thanks like I always do and about ran out of the store.

So there you have it folks. It doesn’t matter how socially inept, stinky, dirty and fat you are, there will inevitably be someone who hits on you. This was my first time being hit on in about 3 years I believe.

So don’t give up, because I’ve seen many of ya’ll and at least you take showers lmao.


Wise words @Turnip :slight_smile:

Also, sometimes relationships can work. During a paranoid manic unmedicated episode, I flipped out and stabbed my boyfriend. A couple years later, we are still dating…


When I was manic I got some female attention because for the first time in my life I pursued it. However I’m basically back to being my usual introverted self who’s afraid to touch anyone intimately. Since no one is telling me to do otherwise now and I’m off the porn the desire has kinda faded away. Shuffleboard anyone?

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To be honest,girls have it easier on dating,it’s probably more difficult for man,unless the man is really attractive,rich or funny.
It is the same for people with MI or not.Anyway good that he approach you,hehe,you are still attractive in someway to people haha

My perception as a woman having observed interactions between men and women over the years, is that men are a lot more likely to not realize it when they are being hit on or sniffed out by an interested woman, which then seems to give a lot of men the impression that women get hit on more.

I think it’s because a lot of men assume that women show signs of interest in the same ways as men, which is often not true at all (I know there are special exceptions). So men are only looking for familiar signs, don’t see them and assume they have never had a woman interested in them.

In most cases this is far from the truth, they just didn’t recognize multiple times when women were sending signals.

I will agree that it can be harder to notice the signals from women, though, because we are culturally conditioned to be a lot more subtle and inviting, than overt and aggressive.


Haha,your right!
Hmm,showing interest,dating is easier than building and holding on to a relationship,to build and hold on to a relationship requires a lot of love and chemistry between the two,haha

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Amen to that.


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e(Y)e’m Slightly Happi You Mention tha Word " HOPE " in Your Thread Title … ,

e(Y)e Dream Sometimes While e(Y)e Am Completely Awake and Wired … ,

Daydreams of Sorts … ,

When e(Y)e Was Young Young Young , , ,

There Was Some Individuals Who Would Almost Practically Slice My Eye’s With Dis-creative Rayzor Wires … ,

Metaphorically Speaking of Course … ,

e(Y)e Didn’t Have Much Paranoia Back then Cause well , tha Deep Part of My Eye’s Would Be Hidden … ,

It STILL Hurts and Hurted Intensley Back then ALSO … ,

Some of Us Dig and Dig and Dig and Dig to Fynde a Way to Erase tha Negative of Human Beings … ,

With tha Wish to Erase What is Horrific and (OR) Terrible , to Bring it Back to Once Was Within tha Beauty of a Birthing Process … ,

Throo-out tha Years of Growing Up … ,

Altho One Wonders and Daydreams Far From tha Academic Frothy Mouths of Slight Robotic Zombies … ,

and As One Wonders He/She Fyndes Out that tha Creator of tha Expanding Universe Remembers Our thots When We Were Babies … ,

Where it Was Nothing But Amazing Wonders and Daydreams … ,

and as tha Deleter Wonders WHY Naught Deleted , as Tha Slight to Ancient Elder Zombies Eat and Eat and Eat , , ,

Tha Creator Whispers ,

" I remember them " … ,

and tha Deleter Doesn’t Understand His/her Scars and WHY … ,

The Creator Slowly Walks Over to His Boombox , and Presses Play … ,

and tha Deleter Hears One of His Favorite SonggG’s , , ,


and Both , Tha Deleter and Tha Creator Quietly Cry and Walk Separate From Each Other ,

and As They Both Lay On Their Floors , Alone ,

They Both Pray For Peace … ,

and Hold Tite in Their Hearts … ,

Tha Word .

H.O.P.E. .

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You must have felt a little flattered that someone asked you out, right! I sure like female attention, it makes me feel good. And I am probably not the greatest catch either. But I do something right with the opposite sex occasionally. Hey, even though you’re not looking for a boyfriend at least you got an admirer!


I can relate, I tend not to shower except on days that I go out but I don’t look presentable when I do. I often wear clothes that are dirty.

I use to be shaved head, goatee, contacts, but for a while now I have been looking like Luke Harper from WWE with glasses.

Can’t say I’ve been hit on but I don’t go out much either.

After he got the stitches out did y’all. go to a movie?

{{{{{{{ Kendrick Lamar - Hiiipower }}}}}}}



Please Dear @77nick77 , , ,

Join thee Apology Thread … ,

e(Y)e Have Something to Show You .

Lol, if your not careful with your answers you’re going to give away all of women’s secrets and I will figure them out and then there will be no stopping me.

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I’ve had two very attractive ladies hit on me, but only in hindsight did I notice. However, one of them ended up going to the community college and happened to be there while I was looking for the financial aid office and started chatting with me. Asked me if I had a brother that looked like me, said no but that I did have a brother that went to school with her. Asked her if she liked him to which she replied yes. I only finally got that she was flirting with me when she asked if I had a brother. I hope she will be there when I go back to school this fall and maybe we can chat some more.

oh god look what ive done :scream:

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This leads me to believe that a theory of mine might be true. When I wore my pants a couple of time in college I was hit on. It might be a pheromone thing?

I’m not around men who are my age much now. I am saving myself for Match.com. :wink:


Come Again (?)

Fuftizzle … … …

I haven’t had a real girlfriend in over 4 years and haven’t had sex in 2.5 years. Sometimes it seems hopeless. I’m more of a demisexual, which is I only want to have sex if i’m emotionally and physically attracted to the person, but my numbers are not stellar, sometimes it seems pointless in trying. My last “girlfriend” which lasted a month and then ended with her calling me a freak because I told her I had sz has really put me in a weird spot in trying to find a girl. Right now there is a girl whom I really wish I could date but she has a boyfriend and is very loyal to him, which puts me back in the spot of, “Why bother with women?”

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