Masturbation - healthy, correct? **Trigger warning**

I have a general question and I think I am just looking for general confirmation to what I consider a healthy belief.

I was always taught, growing up, that masturbation is totally healthy. For men/women and everyone else. I always struggle with this because I have read conflicting things that it’s healthy and I also read an article that stated it had absolutely none of the benefits of physical sex.

I still struggle with this and my own sexuality.

Trigger warning:

I read in some article that in ancient Judeo-Christian times they thought that masturbation created demons. This just really messed with my head because I always hear my voice(s) when I masturbate either before/during/ or after I do it.

It just gets very frustrating.

Thank you for reading. Take care. :v:

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Masturbate to your heart’s content. The people who say masturbation is dangerous are generally just religious fanatics.


Masturbation is perfectly natural.


Thank you @Minnii for confirming what I consider a healthy belief. I was going to tag you in my post but I was worried it would’ve made you uncomfortable.

You are always a pleasant voice of reason.

Take care. :thumbsup:


in my opinion, it is no different than your partner playing with your stuff. there’s the old “your forearm/arm will get greatly disproportionate” and other silly stuff. but I believe it is natural release, no different than natural release with a partner. rather I feel that it’s a lot safer because you can’t get any diseases, unexpectedly become a father, or etc. I don’t see much, if any, benefit from physical intimacy, to be honest. a lot of men need a release, and they find it unhealthy to restrain it. and sometimes it’s not easy to find a willing partner.

however, if you’re hearing voices that make it hard to enjoy it; then that might be a problem because a release is usually best under an atmosphere of pleasure. I really don’t know what to say other than try to talk to a doctor about that. hearing voices, in general, is not a good thing.

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Yes, I have told many pdocs about this and also some therapists.

There’s a general consensus that the meds can only do so much, therefore I have to kind of cope with it on my own. Which is fine by me. I have been over-medicated before and my sex drive was practically 0.

It was no fun.

Thank you for your response. Take care.

Maybe you can try tantra, it’s a great way to feel pleasure and it’s sole intent is to derive the most pleasure from it, so you probably wouldn’t feel like you were doing a bad thing.

Is that a form of yoga? Please forgive my ignorance, but I am not too familiar with tantra.

I am very curious though :slight_smile: Can you recommend a book perhaps?

Thank you.

This one might be good for you, because it focuses primarly on how sex positively influences our lives:


Awesome! Thank you bunches. :smile_cat:

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I think masturbation is healthy. What’s not healthy is watching a lot of porn. There is a TED Talk that talked about it.


I would have to agree with that. I am thankful that I’ve never really been into porn.

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People know I masturbate but I didn’t start doing it until my family told me to, now everyone is accusing me of being a “sexual pervert”. Sex is intimate but masturbation is hygienic like exercise, for example males need to relieve themselves or else they will get pains in their testicles.


whats the difference between masturbating and sex? both have the same ending

Well for me, sex is a much more better feeling, because it’s intimate and (hopefully) with someone I love.

Masturbation, which triggers my symptoms sometimes, is like what @dazedandconfused said, it’s more to relieve tension. It feels physically good, but perhaps not so much mentally for me.

I can only speak from my own experiences though.

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that’s definitely not good, in my opinion. that stuff might really screw your mentality up and possibly make you think overly perverse. after watching it for a long time, everything might starts to sound like an innuendo. everything.

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Yes - its healthy (lowers risk of prostate cancer if you’re male I think) - and most people do it. As long is you’re not doing it all the time and its not negatively impacting other parts of your life (i.e. impacting family or partners, etc.) its good.

Some of the science behind it:

Women’s masturbation benefits:

Read this on WebMD, article on Masturbation and relationships, etc.


Perfectly natural and perfectly healthy imo. These schizophrenia voices sure like to pick on us masurbators, sheesh.


LoL. Yes they’re just insecure bullies I guess. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Just remember all things in moderation.