Benefits of masturbation nro 2

Basically, you do not get any sexually transmisted diseases. In my little town I have observed one man and I understand he has AIDS, because he has a skin condition and as I observed today at the store his muscles in his arms and legs are almost nonexistent.

Also, you do not get other people pregnant. Of course there is birth control. The hazard is that you will become too self sufficient and stop reaching out to others.

I know as I got older my sex drive diminished and the medication I am on also diminishes sex drive. I am glad that my sex drive is diminished, because I do not want to have children and I don’t need to have sex. Masturbation is a part of adolesence, its just a part of growing up and pretty much all males do it at some point for a duration and probably a lot of females. I don’t think it is “evil”, but I think it is an issue if pornography is involved. Pornography is falsely called erotic, when in fact it is not. Pornography is exploitation of the people involved in the sex scenes for profit and is spectacle. Its not good for them or for anyone really. It makes the sex act a commodity for sale and dehumanizes the act and removes affection, romance, responsibility and love (eros) from the act all of which is intregal to a healthy relationship with ones self and a partner in regards to sexuality.

Umm I think most young men masturbate. I do. Like almost every night. Masturbation is just normal human behavior, fetuses play with themselves in the womb, thats what my psychologist told me. I doubt you can find one human on earth who has never ever masturbated. It’s like using the bathroom, people just do it.

But it shouldnt replace sexual relationships with others- its for when you arent seeing somone. I dont agree with masturbation as an alternative to sex. But masturbation is completely natural and other animals masturbate too…it’s not like humans are doing something that other animals dont.

And porn…uh…I like porn…the people who act in it like making tons of money so its all good. Just dont get porn confused with sex. Porn can be really ridiculous. Not all of it is, but some of it is just way over the top and never gonna happen in real life.

Sex is a basic physiological need according to Maslow. If you dont have a sexual partner I think masturbating is practically a given. Especially if you are under the age of thirty and are physically healthy, not doing drugs or drinking too much, ect. I myself am really into lifting weights and I have a strong sex drive. I have had casual partners before, I’ve had enough sex to have actually gotten tired of it for a while, and if you are a virgin…oh wow…what would I say to myself when I was a virgin…It’s not the best thing ever. It’s worth experiencing but dont think that its the best thing ever. I like watching anime as much as I like having sex. Giant robots and ■■■■ are as entertaining as sex. Sex becomes a different thing for different people, for me it’s become something to take a platonic relationship to a new level, it used to be a sport where I performed and compared my performance with other young men.

Now what it is really for is reproduction, but most sex these days is not for reproduction, that is common sense. I would like to have a biological child, preferably a son so my family tree doesnt die with me (I am the last in my line and it sucks, I have a sister and my dad was the only boy out of four children, he was in my situation too) but I know that there is a 10% chance that a child from me would become schizophrenic. That’s a 90% chance that one child would not have it, but the odds go up with more kids, so if I have five kids, one of them will become schizophrenic.

Religions mostly say its wrong to masturbate, but nature says “do it, do it now”. I am an atheist. I started masturbating when I was ten years old. I hit puberty early, like quite early, I was a heavy hitter in baseball in grade school, I hit the ball like a teenager when I was ten. I remember hearing all of the “No masturbating” speeches and “No sex” speeches at Catholic school, where I was sent until I was 16. I went home and masturbated after baseball practice or doing push ups and pull ups and fooling around with some dumbbells.

I masturbated last night. While watching porn. lol

I am highly functioning and appear normal most of the time and I totally support jerking off. I take medications religiously. They apparently dont affect my libido. Lucky me.

PORN INVOLVES sex. I am not confused you are confused if you think that porn does not involve sex.

There in lies the problem, people have come to the place where they think that sex is entertainment, a distraction when in fact the only reason REAL reason sex exists is for procreation, not for getting your jollies off. It is also for pair bonding so a family is created and the child is taken care for.

Intercourse feels good for the very simple reason that if it didn’t no woman would willing endure getting pregnannt and going through the worst physical pain in her life in child birth.

I really wish people would think about what they are doing more.

Other people have freedom to do whatever they want with their genitals, even get sex change operations. Dont waste time

telling people to reconsider personal things like masturbation and sex. People dont want to be told what do to with their genitals.

We are schizophrenics we hear voices, have delusions, and other symptoms. You can do ANYTHING you wish but with liberty comes consequences. Believe me I speak from experience, you do not want to give the voices any amunition to use against you. I advise at the least to STAY AWAY from porn and illicit sex. I am not commanding you to do or think anything, this is a discussion and an important one.