Low dose Abilify for negative symptoms or not?

I tried 4 aps and I found Risperdal best for positive symptoms. Abilify was best for negative symptoms but I had bad side effects at 25mg like multiple addictions and compulsions.

Is it worth the risk of having positive symptoms and addictions like gambling, hypersexuality and compulsive shopping in exchange for a small improvement in negative symptoms?

I don’t know if 10mg Abilify is enough to stop my positive symptoms because I was on 25mg last time. On aps other than Abilify I stay in bed all day everyday and never go out of my house. I have also have issues with hygiene, bathing once a week with great effort.

Would you take those risks to slightly improve severe negative symptoms?

There is also polypharmacy. It means you can take 2 APs. Like Seroquel for positives and a low dose of Abilify for negatives.
Talk to your doctor.


My psychiatrist switched my AP from Zyprexa to Abilify. I’m taking 5mg which Google says is the maximum starting dose. Yesterday I had a hallucination in the laundry room while doing laundry. I don’t think the 5mg is going to work.

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I still had a lot of side effects on 10mg of abilify, including most of the things you listed.

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The reason Abilify doesn’t cause as much negative symptoms as other aps like Risperdal is that it doesn’t block dopamine as much. Abilify doesn’t really treat negative symptoms but it causes less negative symptoms.

I was on Abilify+Latuda for 2 weeks and I still had Abilify side effects. I will ask my pdr about Abilify+Risperdal and see what he thinks.

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Yea the minimum therapeutic dose is 10mg and Abilify is already considered a weak ap versus Risperdal.

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Like I said. If you’re only on 5mg you’re basically off meds.

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Thanks! That’s what I am afraid of. I don’t want to take dangerous risks. Abilify also made me very impulsive. I think having negative symptoms and being stable in life is better than having less negative symptoms and being instable and living a dangerous life.

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To be 100% with you,

Anything is an improvement on your current situation.

If it’s as bad as you say it is.

I think it’s worth the risk to try.

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You may have had those side effects for having a large dose. A lower dose might help and not give you those.

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That’s what I am thinking but I fear having positive symptoms from a lower dose, I was unstable on 20mg so pdr increased to 25mg.

Why not try rexulti or vraylar? You might have better luck adding those to your current meds. If you’re willing to take the risk with abilify.

Vraylar is not available in Canada. Rexulti I don’t know, my pdr said there is a med like Abilify but it has the same side effects as Abilify so he won’t prescribe it.

Lol. Well he’s not going to prescribe abilify then surely?

Have you tried a supplement called NAC ?

I told him about my Abilify addictions and he switched me to Latuda a year ago. Addictions disappeared but severe negative symptoms surfaced.

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Try two APs. You don’t have to have just 1 if you need it. Just add 10 mg Abilify to try.

Yea someone here recommended it, I took it for two days at around 9AM and I had insomnia, I wasn’t able to sleep until 4AM. I think it increases metabolism because it made me sweat a lot.

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That’s what I am unsure about, I will ask my pdr about it and I am not even sure if he knows it:
Does Abilify treat negative symptoms or it only causes less because it blocks dopamine less than other meds?

I know that Abilify is a weaker ap vs other meds like Risperdal and Clozapine etc because it blocks dopamine less than these.

My pdr apt is this week, I will ask him and report here.

I think it treats them. When I was on Invega adding Abilify helped.