Low dose Abilify for negative symptoms or not?

I will go with the safest option, add 5mg Abilify to 3mg Risperdal. I hope the pdr accepts because he didn’t want to prescribe Abilify and anything related after I told him my Abilify side effects.


I dont know what happens when abilify is added to risperidone in adition of reducing prolactine.
Im curious to know the pros and cons of adding a low dose of abilify.

Im gonna be asking the same thing when i go to the doctor in september. Gonna ask to take 5 or 10mg of abilify to try balance. I just hope i dont end up shitting my pants again from abilify, these aps are very hard on the stomach lol.

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I know, I ■■■■ my self at work and I had to quit when I was on 25mg Abilify, my dad came to pick me up, he brought me a new boxer to the bathroom and put plastic bags on the car seat lol

I will post here or in a new thread if it does anything.

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Thank you 151515

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I just got prescribed 2mg Abilify. Pdr said psychological side effects like addictions are independant of the dosage, any dose can cause them. He said take 2mg but be careful of side effects. I will stop Abilify if I feel side effects like promiscuity, hypersexuality, compulsive shopping and gambling, binge eating, impulsivity and agitation etc


You can get these kind of abilify side effects when you take TMG, so take that too with supervision. DMG gives lighter effects. If take two TMG capsules at once they can get hypersexual, aggressive etc (me got like this without any positive symptom history). Hard to sleep at night etc. I think its the side effect of all things which improves negative symptoms. Need to have control. NAC with cofactors is like a control giving supplement so its better to take it if you find yourself out of control either on abilify or TMG.

That’s what I am thinking too, anything that improves negative symptoms causes serious side effects and positive symptoms. Its like permanent irreversible brain damage. Stopping meds reduces negative symptoms but then severe positive symptoms appear and make you completely dysfunctional in society.

I am starting to fear Abilify now…I will receive it in 2hrs. Dr said even the lowest dose causes side effects, psychological side effects are independent from dosage strength. I don’t know if I should take it…

NAC with cofactors is neutral it helps to reduce positive and also help to reduce negative symptoms at the same time.

2mg not cause much effect raising dose creates problem. This is applicable to TMG also.

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If the TMG effect find strong then open the capsule and take half only and make sure to take it early like NAC as it too can cause insomnia issue due to stimulant like effect. You can feel as if took some steriod.

Swanson shipped my items this morning, should be here in a week or two.

I didn’t think they had a med for negative symptoms. :zebra::zebra::zebra:

Omega 3 causes insomnia I stopped taking it.

Abilify improved my negatives by 30-40% but I had dangerous side effects at 25mg like multiple addictions (Gambling, shopping, …) and hypersexuality with promiscuity. My pdr said only Abilify and Wellbutrin might help negatives. Wellbutrin didn’t help at all.

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You know I think your body adapts because yesterday I took 2 pills of NAC, one at 3pm and one at 5pm. I had 2 cups of coffee at 3pm with two extra strength Omega 3 pills, I still fell asleep at midnight.

Coffee is very bad for health it have a chemical which affects body’s ability to get rid of cholesterol.

You know, DMAE and Lions Mane helped my negatives. I need to get more. You might benefit, DMAE works like and antidepressant without the side effects.

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