List the best and worst antipsychotics you have been on and the reasons for the answer

List the best and worst antipsychotics you have been on and the reasons for the answer


Invega broke my heart and dick

Zyprexa has been the best


worst abilify gave me tardive dyskinesia

best saphris stops my overactive imagination


Abilify - Didn’t help my psychotic symptoms, wasn’t strong enough
Risperidone - This was a mixed bag because it helped but at the same time it gave me high prolactin.

Vraylar - keeps my moods steady and psychosis under control, except I need a up in dosage.


Risperidone …worst. i lactated…got fat.

Zyprexa best…


worst - clozapine (too strong for me and lot of side effects)
best - still looking for it (I am on Zyprexa now, but I still wait that it works :))


@Anna1 u could always try rispridal on pdoc supervision …

Worst - Quetiapine (seroquel)
“Best” - Abilify (I hate it but it’s the only one that works)

Worst - respiridone
Best - depixol/seroquel tied

Worst - Zyprexa. Made me really overweight and caused incontinence which I still have today.

Best - Invega - been stable for 18 months now.

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Clozapine was the worst side effects but most effective.

Abilify least sideegfedcts.

Prolixin and Saphris made me feel weird.


Oh man we are so different.
Best: Invega pills- no voices since being on them
Worst: Abilify- i had a lot of anxiety + voices + akathisia


Worse was rispiridal am quetiapine

Best was sulpiride

Would like to go back on sulpiride but can’t risk relapse



Abilify gave me severe and constant akathesia at a low dose
Geodon gave me severe episodes of akathesia and caused narcoleptic like episodes. Also at a high dose gave me tardive dyskinesia symptoms
Haldol and zyprexa gave me akathesia and made me gain weight
Risperdal gave me involentary neck twisting


Seroquel helped with symptoms and anxiety but made me gain weight
Invega helped with positives but made me pretty sedated
Vraylar is the best so far. Doesn’t make me so sedated.


Mine are the exact opposite.

So weird how meds have such a different effect on each other

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I’m currently taking Abilify and am on the fence about it,

But the worst med I’ve ever taken is hands down Seroquel.

I was like a lifeless fat zombie.

No motivation to do anything other than eat,

And I ate all the time.

Slept all the time.

Got FAT.

Yes, the symptoms were controlled, but the cost was too much.

When I decided to stop taking it withdrawal lasted months, it was miserable.

Never again,

Never again.


Best; Latuda - literally no side effects. No sedation.

Worst; Loxapine - heavy HEAVY sedation


My best medicine was olanzapine. Effects of this is my mind returned to reality and I was surprised that how I thinked like that. Now I am using Ablify. It is good but there is a chance of relapse in lower dose.


Worst - Vraylar, it was way too stimulating and I became psychotic on it and had to be hospitalized twice.

Best - Risperidone, because it works and keeps me from going to the Hospital.

Each person is different so don’t take these as recommendations:
Invega- Gives me breaks from the voices better than any of the others.
loxapine- Helps improve the effect the Invega has
Risperdal- Didn’t help the voices like I wanted to but was great for sleep
Abilify- Caused visual hallucinations which I found worse than the verbal ones
Latuda- For a time it worked but caused terrible side effects of manic like behavior and extreme anxiety which messed me up badly. It eventually stopped working altogether.
melliril- Caused brief blindness spells and did no more than put me to sleep.

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