How many antipsychotics have you tried?


Hi everyone,
I’ve been on Abilify,Seroquel, Zyprexa, Risperdal, Geodon,Latuda, Haldol,Saphris, Fanapt, Invega, Invega Sustenna, and I’m currently on Invega Trinza.

Invega Trinza is working pretty well for me.

How many have you tried?


Oh there are many more out there…don’t worry I’m sure you find out with time

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I’ve been on Olanzapine Risperidone, Quetiapine, Flupenthixol, Chlorpromazine, Prochlorperazine, Perphenazine, Trifluoperazine, Pericyazine and Haloperidol.

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I’ve been on Zyprexa, Prolixin, Haldol, Trilafon, Seroquel, Geodon, Moban, Stellazine, Abilify, and Latuda. I think that’s all. I’m doing fine on Geodon and Seroquel.

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i cant remember exactly but i tried too much
but the best are haloperidol and pimozide

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Almost all of them. On haldol now which is partially works


Tried majority
Been on clozapine thirteen years
It doesn’t always work
My life is restricted

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Hey shellys12,

I thought Clozaril was supposed to be the best drug to help people with Schizophrenia as a last resort.
May I ask how your life is restricted?


Amisulpride, paliperidone, and now risperidone since a year…


I can’t go out at night
I can’t work for money
I can only just manage volunteer work working mornings

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Diagnosed and incarcerated/ subsequently hospitalized in March/April 2016. Started on risperdal in jail, continued in hospital and for 9 months after release. Got on latuda because I went from 190 to 290 lbs on risperdal. Read latuda is "weight neutral ’ so I asked my doctor to try that. I’m currently down to 245 from 298. Risperdal also made me cognitively dull and zombified me emotionally. Been on latuda since March of 2017 and now my affect is back to how it was when I was premorbid and I’ve regained my intelligence, maybe even smarter than I was before my psychotic episode.

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I’ve been on Risperdal, Zyprexa, Abilify, Seroquel, Geodon, Clozaril, Trilafon, Prolixin, and Haldol. Now on Risperidone and Trilafon and trying to wean off Haldol.


I’m sorry your life is so restricted, is there another medication you can try?


I’ve tried most of the major ones.
Risperidone seems to be the only useful one.


I don’t want anything to do with clozaril unless my absolute one to take.


I tried them all, which are available in my country. The count for me is 10 aps. I was also afraid that I took so many meds, but my doc was having hope for me. Now I take just Zyprexa and a mood stabilizer(Depakote) and in a way, I should fight on my own.


I’ve tried about a dozen. On haldol and haldol decanoate now.

  1. I started on respirdal for a couple months and then abilify for 5 years and now I’m officially off abilify and on vraylar only starting today. I couldn’t stop eating on respirdal. Abilify was good because it didn’t cause me to gain excessive weight on it. It was harder to not overeat on it but doable when coupled with Wellbutrin. But abilify gave me insomnia and I never got diagnosed but I swear it made it impossible to fully empty my bladder which was really uncomfortable. Now I’m on vraylar and I’m not any more hungry on it than abilify and I can properly sleep and pee again which feels amazing after five years of not being fully able todo either

I’ve only been on Seroquel. :sweat_smile:


Abilify, Latuda, Risperidone, Geodon, seroquel, saphris

Abilify was miserable side effect wise and barely worked. Latuda made me suicidal and didn’t work at all. Risperidone worked amazingly well but made me gain 10 lbs a month and gave me hyperprolactenemia so I had to be taken off it or I would likely have developed breast cancer, & had some other side effects too. Geodon was just insane to be on, like being on some sort of narcotic, it also barely worked. Seroquel & saphris I haven’t been able to reach a therapeutic dose of bc of side effects though I may be giving them another try shortly.