Best and worst medication you've tried?

What’s the best and worst meds you’ve tried and why?
Best for me is Seroquel, the only antipsychotic I didn’t have a lot of side effects on… no tiredness, not a lot of emotional flattening, no hunger, and helped a lot with my hallucinations and delusions but didn’t do much else for positive symptoms

Worst: abilify, gave me akathisia and I had Parkinson like symptoms, constantly violently shaking, tremors, had to switch off to prevent permanent damage
Latuda, did basically nothing, psychiatrist kept upping my dose and all it did was make me feel terrible

Everyone has different experiences… what worked for you and what didn’t?

best : abilify

worst : risperdal

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Worst : Abilify. It was horrible. I was restless all the time. Could never sit down still or relax.

Best: Olanzapine - These days it does not do much to me. I don’t really notice it.

Best: rexulti

Worst: risperdal

Best: Abilify, very helpful with no side effects whatsoever

Worst: toss-up between Zyprexa and Seroquel (akathisia)

What’s weird is that Zyprexa once was a good drug for me, my go-to AP, but now I can’t tolerate it. Seroquel was never good to me.

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Best: Risperdal Consta; Geodon; Seroquel (All very helpful with no side effects whatsoever).

Worst: Trilafon; Haldol; (terrible akithesia and useless against my psychosis). Prolixin; (useless). Olanzapine; (made me gain 35 lbs.). Abilify; (made my psychosis much worse).

Best: Abilify, though it’s less effective than the others, it doesn’t make me feel like crap.

Worst: Risperdal. I got extremely foggy and slow, though it killed my symptoms rather well.

Best: Haloperidol and hydroxyzine pamoate for anxiety

Worst: Abilify, risperdol, depakote

Best: latuda

Worst: risperidol

Best: Seroquel

Worst: Abilify



Best: Clozaryl and Haldol.

Worst: Don’t really have a worst. Geodon, Abilify, Risperdal, and Zyprexa had no effect.

I have only tried 2

Best: Risperidone-although I take a very low dose. Higher doses make me really fat and restless
Worst- Latuda-HORRIBLE insomnia and akathisia

Hmm defiantly self medicating not a good idea. Say no to drugs!

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Best: Risperidone (less is better)

Worst: Quetiapine (was on it for a day, very sedating)

Best - Lithium… Obviously did nothing for psychosis but kept my mood stable, it was so good not to have the mood swings but had to come off it because of under-active thyroid symptoms.

Worst - Haloperidol - Put on 4 stone, horrible sedated with terrible akathisia, and was drooling constantly.

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Worst: Haldol, and all the typical med’s. Gawd they’re bad for me.
Best: Abilify did some good things for me, but it got me a little too amp’ed up. The best are what I am on now - Geodon and Seroquel.

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best: risperdal though it makes you dull it is very effective
worst: abilify,It causes akathesia and is less effective.

Worst: Abilify oral
Best: Abilify Maintena
It wasn’t specified if it had to be antipsychotics only, so the best out of all meds, AP or not, has been Wellbutrin for me.

Abilify is the GREATEST!!!

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