What’s the best antipsychotic?


Risperdal makes me tired and gain weight, I can’t function after I take latuda after dinner, and the eps with ability is just way too much to handle. Any other suggestions?

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It’s all personal trial and error.


True but I mean obviously every antipsychotic has a different side effect profile


Some people experience no side effects on a med whereas others experience many.

Like on abilify i experience high blood sugar and anxiety but others experience nothing.

It’s all about how a med affects you personally.


I like haldol and perphenazine the best.


Clozaril for me :slight_smile:


Okay so what meds has everyone taken that’s given them the least side effects, and if there were side effects what were they?


Again, Clozaril.
I experience drooling and sedation.
I gained weight.
That’s it.

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With perphenazine I get a tiny bit of restlessness and my sex drive is non existent and I can’t cry, but I think that’s about it.


Isn’t clorazil like a heavy duty ap? The side effects really aren’t that bad?


I have almost 0 side effects w latuda. I get very slight weight gain, very slight tiredness, and a little mental cloudiness after I take it at dinner time. Can anyone beat this? Looking for something that’ll let me continue to function after I eat dinner


Everyone’s side effects are different; I had the worst with Abilify and the best with Trilafon.
Clozaril is in the middle; for how it’s helped me, the side effects are minor.

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I take rexulti and saphris and I pretty much don’t hear voices but I still know what they are thinking, so no hallucinations but still a little delusional but with insight. I’m having trouble sleeping through the night but I’m not sure if that’s a side effect it might be my bipolar acting up. I have mild trouble concentrating sometimes and lack of motivation. No weight gain. No medicine head, No dissociation. No headaches from the meds. I think I’ll stay on them for awhile.


Have you asked your pdoc about a dosage increase? I’m glad those meds are working for you though. Do you have a preference between saphris and rexulti?

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generic prolixin for me…fluphenazine…10 mg twice a day…perfect med for me.


Vraylar is good.


I take Latuda and Geodon. They work well together.

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There is no such thing as the perfect antipsychotic.
They all have side effects.

I’m on risperidone and I have to deal with plenty of side effects, but it is also keeping me out of the hospital or jail.

It’s a trade off.


Haldol saved me. I get light akathisia in my right leg.


Seroquel and Latuda for me, but I got lot of weight gain with Seroquel

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