L-theanine is Effective in Lessening Positive Symptoms, and improving Sleep Quality in patients with schizophrenia


I’ve been taking L-T for about a week. Initially I slept better …however tonight I was up almost the whole night. I haven’t had such a bad night in a long time. As far as positive symptoms, I had a bad olfactory hallucination…it’s a common one for me: I smell truck exhaust very strongly and it always lasts for several days to a week. So in the early days of taking L-T, I had this hallucination for about three days. Other than that I have had no hallucinations. HOwever I have been somewhat paranoid. I got a new computer and it has what appears to be a camera lens in the lid…however thecomputer doesn’t seem to have a camera. And I keep hearing sounds that sound like a camera taking pictures. I am quite sure that this computer has been used to monitor my whereabouts and they are tracking what sites I go to…looking for info on me to add to their files. So I put tape over the camera lens. The camera sounds have been getting less frequent so I can only assume that I have foiled their efforts to keep tabs on me.

So I would not say that L-T is an unqualified success…it is possible that it has improved my sleep however if I continue to have nights like this past night…I don’t know whether or not to continue with L-T., Is it something that requires you to be on it for awhile before it works? If it has a short half-life, that would not be the case… I did try taking it once in the AM and then again at bed time…but that made me quite depressed…so I have only been taking it once at bedtime.

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How much L-Theanine are you taking each day?


between 250 and 300 mg. I take a heaping 1/8 tsp which holds 250 mg if level


I have been struggling with paranoid thoughts. In several areas of my life.
The night before last, I was up all night.

I had ordered the trial size as well as the large jar of L-T and now I have to decide whether or not to return the unopened jar. Any suggestions?


How long have you been taking it now? About a week or two? Generally it doesn’t sound like its been helping you that much - is that what you would say?


yes, not helping much. Some nights, (before I started it) I would be up at midnight and not be able to go back to sleep. Since I’ve taken this (with the exception of the night of insomnia) I’ve slept until about 3:00AM. I don’t know though if that is a result of the LT or just a normal rhythm.


I still have a portion of the sample which I will continue to take until I get some clarity



Are you still taking these supplements? If not, what are you taking, if anything?

Are you still finding them helpful?


Gave up on those supplements. For me they did little. Glycine on the other hand was a wonder drug for 3 weeks then seemed to lose its effect.


How long did you take / try them for?


I was taking them for about 3 months. I wasn’t that well at the time. I wonder if I would get a better response now I am a bit better balanced.


I gave up benzos cold turkey and went on l-theanine instead. The experiment went wrong, and I suffered benzo withdrawal and had to go back on benzos.

L-theanine works though.


L theanine is wearing off a tad but still helpful after about three months. Sarcosine is good at 1 gram per day. My sz symptoms have increased a touch since sarcosine although I feel much more happier and healthy energy… the sz symptoms aren’t frequent but a bit unsettling yes


Thanks for updating us!


I think the symptoms I’m noticing are a manic symptom. Shadows, glowing light, and weird sleep where I felt no time pass,opened my eyes from the tv sound but it was an hour later and the tv was off


L-Theanine works wonders along with Sarcosine

I no longer get scifi delusions

I’m on 20 mg Olanzapine + 4 mg Risperidone every night


10 mg Selegiline every morning


large doses of L-theanine all day

and 5 grams of sarcosine.

I cured my Anxiety with Noopept.

Common POST for L-Theanine and Sarcosine

I’m not experiencing any +ve and -ve symptoms… zero [ +ve and -ve ] symptoms.


Question, does anyone know if supplements such as this effect the absorption of AP meds or vise versa?
Is it ok to take supplements at the same time as AP’s or better to space them out?


Going to order this (hoping to reduce annoying paranoia). I tend to be very sensitive to meds and supplements so I am going to start slow when I get the stuff.


Decided not to go down the sarcosine route as it seems it’s a testosterone elevator. I don’t want to be more masculine. Wonder whether L-Theanine is a suitable alternative for motivation.


If L-theanine increases the levels of Dopamine, how it can be used with antipsychotics?