L-theanine is Effective in Lessening Positive Symptoms, and improving Sleep Quality in patients with schizophrenia


Perhaps just take it before bed - the research says its helpful for better sleeping.


OK, 2x300mg doses seem to be working. No depression issues for me so far like with the 2x400mg. Another day without benzos. It’s still early days though.

(Just to be clear, I take 300mg in the morning and 300mg in the evening. That’s what I mean by 2x300mg)


ive been taking melatonin 3mg with l theanine 200mg for about 1 week or 2. i feel better. im not as edgy but im not sure if its just because i just finshed a move to a new place… i think the theanine is really helping my calming… ill share more in a month or so


ill try the sarcosine soon too


L-theanine has not lessened my symptoms, they’re the same, if not worse. And I haven’t gone through any med changes and I’ve been on L-theanine for over a month now.

I’ve been taking 200mg daily


Have you noticed any difference at all? How is your sleep? Any difference in anxiety or stress levels?


So you’re no longer benefitting


Idk. I’m reading all these negative reactions but I feel great. I’m sleeping better. I’m calmer in the day. I’m waking up earlier with motivation. Wth. Is everyone else smoking dope ?


L-Theanine Users - please respond to poll so we can see if its effective or not.


My sleep is the same, no difference there, and my stress is elevated along with my anxiety, and it seems to be getting worse week by week.


What happens if you miss doses? I ran out of my supply and will be without it until the beginning of next month.


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I think the half-life of L-theanine is quite short - a few hours at most - so if you miss a dose you would, I think , quickly see a reduction in effect from the amino acid. I’m just judging this from what others here have said about taking it several times a day to keep the effect going all day.

Perhaps some of the people who have used it can respond from their own experience


Is it okay to take two doses of 250 mg in a day? I just got it delivered to me yesterday. I slept a little better than usual. That is the main reason i wanted it. But it would be good to feel a little better in the day time also.


I did not know this about Kava Kava. . I have made sleep aid “cocktails” for my daughter that have included Kava Kava. Thank you for this Heads Up. I have taken it on occasion also and recently my liver enzymes have been very high…although that is more likely due to chemotherapy I take for RA.


Last night was my first dose of LT. I slept a little better than usual but still was up for good at 3:00 AM.
I wanted to see how I would feel if I took it in the morning. So I did. And for today I have a marked melancholia. Maybe I took too much too soon. But I won’t be taking the morning dose any more. I’m taking somewhere between 250-300mg at one shot. I will let you know how I do tomorrow. I did take an evening dose…Hopefully if I’m gonna be depressed it will be while I’m asleep, LOL
I do have a history of profound depression. which has been controlled by Welbutrin…Recently I took a new med for Psoriatic Arthritis. and one of it’s possible side effects was depression. I took it and quite rapidly became suicidal. That to say that I have propensity toward depression. I read in a prior post that someone else had problems with depression on LT also…I will amend this post tomorrow to tell you how i did by tomorrow.


Well today is my third day on LT. I had a wonderful sleep last night. Before LT, I was averaging 4 hours of sleep…which for someone with RA and PsA, i s not nearly enough. I really need at least 10 hours to feel decent. Last night I did get ten hours --and it felt WONDERFUL. I am not depressed this morning. But I do not think I will attempt to take it in the AM anymore.
I ordered LT in a powder form …I take 1/8 tsp (it comes with scoops of the correct size.) …1/8 tsp is from 250-300 mg. I found that this is really the most affordable way to take it. I got a jar of 300 GMs which means this jar should easily be a year’s doses…and possibly more than that. (the link for the powder is one of the links provided here.)


Here is an update.
Today is my fourth day on LT. Last night I slept deeply…both last night and the night before, I dreamed long involved dreams Normally I NEVER dream. I don’t normally sleep deeply enough to dream. Last night I got 8 hours…not the 10 I would like, but it was quality sleep. I was very groggy when I woke up but coffee took care of that.


I took two 1.5g a day not the microscoops. I guess that’s a large dose wasn’t feeling much quite subtle I think it helps me calm down a bit but I never heard of an overdose and my body type can take a lot I haven’t had any negative effects from the large dose.


i told my doc im benefitting from l-theanine and we decided after school and when im on break ill reduce my zypexa 2.5 milligrams to hopefully reduce the side effects.