Bought l-theanine in bulk

Got 250g of it. Just took half a tea spoon of it. Feel very relaxed. Buying in bulk is way cheaper.

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I really want to start taking that!

Honestly it is good. Especially if you save it for an as required med. totally feels equivalent to a benzo.

I thought it was for positive symptoms not anxiety?

I take it for anxiety. For instance I drink too much coffee one day so I took some theanine and I felt relaxed.

Yeah relaxed is the word.

So it doesn’t help with positive symptoms then? :confused:

Maybe. I mean if you are worked up regarding an hallucination I have no doubt it will make you feel better. Just not sure if it would prevent an hallucination on its own.

That is cool! If it does help I will take it regular.

Go for it man. You won’t regret it.