L-theanine is Effective in Lessening Positive Symptoms, and improving Sleep Quality in patients with schizophrenia


I really think it has. Firstly domestic duties (cooking, cleaning washing) have improved significantly.

Cognitively I have noticed I have been able to express myself more. I can use precisely the right words to share my thoughts. I wasn’t expecting this but it is definitely an area of improvement. I still have a problem with concentration - can’t watch a movie for more than 15mins at a time.


have u tried yoga accupunture meditation mind fullness and Ayurveda…helps in concerntration…


Had a bad experience with L-theanine. I took 400mg, felt slightly more relaxed that day. Next day however, I felt very irritated/agitated. Tried it again a week or two later with the same outcome.

It’s weird because other gaba agonists (benzos/picamilon) never caused me agitation.

But that’s just my experience with it…


Hi - the recommended dose is 250 mg/day. Did you try it at that level?


400mg is way too much in my experience. At least in one go. I now take 200mg when I wake up and I find that a bit heavy, I take another 100mg when I feel the effect of the 200mg has worn off (around 6 hours later).


@SzAdmin if you have access to the whole study, can you please check to see if the study was double-blind or not?


I don’t think the first study above mentioned was double blind - but there are other studies of this amino acid in schizophrenia that are double blind. Here is one:


Sir I have a shizophrenia patient in my family.We are treating her with olanzia.But now it does not seem to work.It has no effect on her.Her left eye has become red like blood she feels pain in her eye to.I shall be very thankful to you if u can tell me what should i do…


You should explain this to her doctor and they will adjust / change their medication. Not all medications work for everybody. Everybody reacts differently to each medication. It’s trial and error.


Thank you, I have been wanting to take supplements, but not know what to take. Was considering, vitamin D, Zinc and … mmmmmm, I forget, but this does look like a very interesting option. Happy lady. Think I will try it. My only concern is that I take an unti convulsant for epilepsy and would want to have a reaction between the two. Am hoping it will be ok though, as it is calming. Thanks! x


CAN YOU SUGGEST ME A MEDICINE FOR HER?BECAUSE she will not go to the doctor.She thinks every body is against her…

Getting help for Daughter - Recommended Antipsychotic

I can’t suggest a medication as I’m not a doctor. Can you get the doctor to visit them if they won’t go to the doctor?


No,because we live in a small city and there is no doctor who can treat her.Can you suggest me a doctor who can help me online???


No. A small city will have a doctor. A doctor should treat her or refer her to a specialist. A doctor can also recommend / help you getting them sent involuntarily to hospital if they feel necessary.

Do not go online looking for for help with something as serious as this. Please. Talk to a real doctor in your small city. Please.


Think I may up my green tea intake instead. Although am considering buying some.


tried it, not that brilliant, I prefer Kava Kava, Lemon Balm, and i’m really anxious I cant buy quality afghan hash, in a shop, away from scuz bag dealers, with coffee, listening to the dulcet tones of jimi hendrix playing the american national anthem and wild thing


Kava kava is banned in Europe as it has killed people by screwing up their liver, even when used for a very short time. Google kava and liver and see if you still think it’s worth the risk.

Lemon balm interacts with abilify and caused me a serious cardiac issue.


What changes should I notice after taking 200 mg. I am getting it from PipingRock.com . Can anyone confirm that that brand works for them?


Like jimbob said, it’s like Cloneazapam, but I found it helped with my disorganised thinking. I use this



I am taking 1000g day, for 7 days now. Hope it is not too much.