Getting help for Daughter - Recommended Antipsychotic

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Hi - there is a full list of medicines for your daughter here. What country / state do you live in. Generally you need to see a doctor or a psychiatrist to get a prescription for these medications.

Here are some discussions from what people say is helping them. Its very common that one medication may not work, but another will work well - so just keep trying different medications if one does not work.

Also - if you can - try to get to an early psychosis treatment center - or call one that is close to you. Here is a discussion that has links to three different groups of early psychosis centers in the USA and the last one has them around the world:

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And here are the early psychosis treatment center lists:

@ali123 please check this discussion out above on medications and getting help for your daughter.

I live in Pakistan.

Why is her eye getting red???

Hi - ok, I have not been to Pakistan so don’t know the treatment opportunities in your city - but they probably are not as good as in Europe or North America.

But - you can probably buy the medications without a prescription I suspect - so read up on the different medications above and see what you can get from your pharmacies in your area, or perhaps from internet stores / pharmacies if you don’t have good pharmacies in your town.

The red eye issue is not something that is associated with schizophrenia or the medication - it sounds like a separate issue. Here is some information that might be helpful:

Her eye is red from the last year or so.WE had taken her to eye specalist but there was no effect of medicine on her.

Whenever she gets angry due to false beliefs her eye gets more red…