L-theanine is Effective in Lessening Positive Symptoms, and improving Sleep Quality in patients with schizophrenia


Hi - the recommended dose is 250 mg/day. Did you try it at that level?


Yes, but I felt so good that I increased


Let us know how it goes. Did anything happen after you increased to 1000 mg a day? Please update us as you continue on this, or if you change dosing.


I am taking 350 mg three times a day. Until now I’m feeling very well. I’ll keep updating.


Can I ask what difference it made for you?


Are you feeling better than when you were at 250mg a day?

Generally - I wouldn’t recommend anyone triple the recommended dose of something, quickly. Start off at the recommended level and then slowly increase if you want to try more.


I was more excited know not explain. At the same time quieter. Besides feeling good I was talking more I think


Hugo - and anyone else trying L-Theanine, please update us on how its going.

Are you still using L-Theanine?
If Yes - how much, how often?
What effect do you feel it is having on you?

If No - Why not?
When you were trying it - how much were you taking, and for how long did you take it?

Thanks for updating us.


Where can I get hands on this Stuff


Im on clozapine
Is supplement safe


Read the bottom part of the first post in this thread - there is a link to where you can buy it:


Still taking it, 200 in the morning, 200 in the evening. Taking it with abilify 5mg and no issues. It feels very like a benzo. It relaxes me, but there’s something else that I find difficult to describe, it’s like it gets rid of a certain kind of mental anguish that abilify never did.




I have taken the 100mg from Now and my observations are that (a) its got a fowl taste and (b) 200mg is a lot more effective than 100mg. Its a good sleep aid. I had read hat possibly the sun theanine variety was superior and its available in a chewable also.


I was taking L-Theanine about 2 years ago. It did seem to improve my cognition, particularly at work. However, it was not very effective on my anxiety. I took it for a few months, my anxiety continued to rage, I eventually came to the conclusion that it was not benefiting me. However, I was unmedicated at the time, so perhaps I could do another trial run at the recommended 250 mg.


Please let us know if you do try it.


I have been advised not to take this as may interfere with clozaril and atenolol


Thank you for more input. I know you stated it was hard to describe, but if possible could you elaborate on the diminished mental anguish? Thanks so much.


It’s very difficult to describe, it’s like a feeling of worry, that I should be doing something, but it’s in the background, coupled with mental anxiety. And that goes away.


Thanks. I have read on this forum about it helping with disorganized thinking. My son is leaving a hospital tomorrow on 20mg Zyprexa. They love to drug him up and send him home. He is a zombie. I want him on Invega because he loves to be outside doing things and I’ve read that Invega isn’t quite as sedative. We just never had a chance to try it because his two hospital stays were so close together and they kept putting him on Zyprexa. I would like to try the L-theanine in addition to Invega 3mg along with psychsocialization, outdoor activities, and music therapy