I’ve never taken them at the same time before. This will be the first. Wish me luck.


Good luck. I’ve done it.

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Did it help you?

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Yes, but I think it made me depressed. I ended up in the hospital because of too many supplements. Now I have memory problems…

wow, how many were you taking?

If I had to guess 10-20? Probably closer to 10. I’m including vitamins and stuff.

I’ve heard of someone taking 150 vitamins and supplements every day.

Ray Kurzweil. He’s a futurist trying to survive to the singularity.

I just tried the Theanine and Coffee. I feel pretty good. I do feel smarter.

I felt that way. They say you don’t need that much caffeine. I usually have 4 energy drinks a day…

wow, I was drinking one of those a day for a couple weeks, I didn’t feel the effects for it anymore so I stopped drinking it

What kind of energy drink do you like most?

It feels like before I could only write short choppy sentences and now they look a lot better thanks to the L Theanine and Coffee.

I kinda don’t feel like a little kid anymore. I feel pretty good.

So can I take this everyday or do I have to cycle it? I think I have to cycle it.

Ideally I should be using 100mg of caffeine and 200mg of L Theanine. So how many cups of coffee should I drink. I’m thinking there’s about 75mg of caffeine in a cup of coffee. I could be wrong.

Im glad L theanine is working for you.

Thanks @anon20318121

I was just reading the L Theanine thread and @everhopeful was taking a ton of it. How did that go?

I took a ■■■■ load of it 1500 mg a day and it didnt even do anything.

600 mg is the recommended dose anything below that is a joke