L-Theanine long term?

Can L-Theanine be taken long term? Some sources say 8 weeks
Some other sources say it’s safe to take long term

I plan try try 200mg a day

I’ve been taking it for years. I’m still alive.


I knew @everhopeful would be first on this post.

I took it and believed it did help.

When I told my doctor about it, he said “I don’t recommend supplements”.

Literally the only time my doctor has discouraged me from doing something.

And I use cannabis and drink two cocktails a night.

In addition to that he’s been happy to change my meds as I see fit.

He’s super laid back.

He believes that supplements aren’t bad, but that the medication we already takes a toll on our bodies and to add another difficult to process element that only gives a little help isn’t worth it.

I took that advice and stopped taking it regularly.

I still have some and take it on bad days.

That same advice caused me to discontinue lithium because it’s so damaging to your kidneys.


I think if the benefit is greater than risk, and you drink a lot of water,

Go for it.

But if you don’t notice a marked change, I wouldn’t continue.


It does nothing for me even at 400mg, i read its for anxiety but i don’t suffer from anxiety and not diagnosed with it. Caffeine in big amounts make me talk a lot with people

Helpful to you?

My pdoc discouraged me from all supplements actually

I just hope I can find something that can make things a little better, why not

Yes, particularly for sleep.

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How many mg do you take? Curious
I will try them this weekend
Don’t wanna try during work week lol

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I only take 200mg in the morning, and another 200mg at night. Since I gave up coffee I don’t need to take as much.

Previously I took 600mg in the morning and 600mg in the evening.

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Do you find the morning one helps keep you calm during day?

I use it with broccoli sprout extract. I take both of them in the morning.

I feel calm when I take that combo, and I feel a bit distressed when I don’t.

The more L-theanine you take, the more of a temporary chill out effect it has.

Actually I take 300mg in the morning (2 x 150mg) and not 200mg as I previously said. And 300mg at bedtime.

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Temporary? In your case? An hour? Few hours?

A few hours.

But I think it also builds up in your system so it’s beneficial “in the background” after a while.

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Last q for you promise lol
Do you find it helps focus and like short term memory? Some sources say that it does.

I think it’s the meds that caused a decline with me there
Hopefully can be reversed

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It might help with focus, but not short term memory.

I’ve been getting my L- theaniine from green tea. I costs me just $4.00 a month. It does make the ringing in my ears substantially worse, but it helps me stay in a good mood. I’ll make a whole sauce pan full of green tea, and after it cools down I guzzle the whole thing. Maybe I should cut back on the green tea.

And does it have positive effects on you?

I think it does. My moods swing less since I started drinking green tea.

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