I bashed this supplement a while back and I have to apologize. The reason I didn’t feel it work was because I was using benzos. I started taking breaks and now L-Theanine works! Very relaxing amino acid. Now I can take longer breaks between benzo use and eventually come off of this horrible drug.


l-theanine worked for me for the first couple of weeks, but then I stopped feeling its relaxing effects. hopefully this wont happen to you, I keep taking it, but wonder if I should take a tolerance break


Good point, thanks @yaz1


It seems I can not function without L-Theanine. It reduces my intrusive thoughts significantly while Benzo does nothing. It is the only thing working well for me. Wish I could take a higher dose.


That’s interesting, I’ve never heard that before. Why can’t you take a higher dosage?


Have you tried it with caffeine. Or any other nootropics? I ordered some today.


Yes, I’ve tried it with caffeine but I was taking benzos at the time. If I don’t take a benzo tomorrow I’ll try it again with caffeine. I’ve taken it with Piracetam and that went quite well, I felt it was better at pairing than Sarcosine


I really need something for school. I’ve tried Piracetam and Noopept. It was okay, nothing special. I heard Primaracetam is the best for school, but it’s too expensive for me. I’ll probably try coffee with l-theanine to see how it goes.


I already take 1100 mg a day. So cannot go higher than this.


Also try L-Theanine with Piracetam. They’re both NMDA agonists, L-Theanine being a little weaker but they’re both good.