Knowing your saved into bliss at the end of life?

knowing your saved into bliss at the end of life? could it cure even one problem 4 u?

Not sure what I believe. One thing about it though…When they say we have to serve purgatory. We all can say no thanks I’ve already served my time.


I think Heaven exists because so many people believe in it, if it didn’t exist God had better build it as to not disappoint the believers. Knowing I’m accepted sadly will not resolve my problems, I live in fear and anxiety for the moment, life’s hard for us SZ, knowing it could be an all-out party if I had enough money is even more frustrating.

I’ve been reading about near death experiences, and most of the blissful ones say that what they experienced was wonderful beyond words. There is no way to describe how wonderful it was. When I first started reading about them, about ninety per cent were blissful. But now, fundamentalist Christians have gotten ahold of the near death experience movement, and they’ve put in a bunch of hellish near death experiences. All of the hellish near death experiences I read about before were only temporary. The subject of the experience got another chance. There doesn’t seem to be any moral qualifications for having a blissful experience. People I would consider bad got blissful ones, and people I would consider good got terrible ones. In one of the hellish descriptions a brain surgeon had a hellish experience, thought the situation changed for him at the end.

In my opinion the popular belief of being"saved" gives you a punch card for immoral behaviour is ridiculous. I don’t even go to church or read the bible because most people that ive seen that do those things do so because they think that and “repenting” every sunday means that they can be pedophiles, racists, sexists, adulterous, abusive etc.

They just have to show up at church on sunday put some money in the plate and SHAZZAM!!! off to Heaven they go!!!

Something that I noticed is people that belong to the classic supposed Christian faith by that I mean supposed quintessential Christian denomination are also among some of the most horrible people in the world.

All of the South Americans that contaminate our North American communities are vehement catholics.There has been incidence where some have killed because their catholic faith was questioned.

There are countless law suits pending because catholic priests enjoy raping children.

Also if you look into demon worship they use catholic idols in that .

My belief could be considered blasphemous by many but ive met supposed atheists that (i think) will be admitted to Heaven while so many supposed Christians will not because they live good moral lifes.

Its my belief that all that “saved” stuff are technicalities thought up by man.You are allowed into Heaven if you’ve proven with how you live your life that you are worthy.

For me thats just common sense.Im not trying to demean God lets bring this to a rational level. If you had the say over admittance to a place called paradise where nobody ever suffers hardship again would let people in just because at the last minute they ran to a church and got “saved”? After consciously living a immoral life?..I wouldn’t.

I think it comes down to NOT contributing to the degradation of His greatist creation (humans) that will get you in even if you dont go to church. ALL Christian denominations are human interpretations of His word and most have it wrong.

Some church’s teach racism some incest some greed…etc…NONE OF THESE WILL BE THERE IN THE END.

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The purpose of being saved by Yeshua is to accept a gift of salvation from Him. Many persecuted Christians do not sorrow in their sufferings. Instead they praise Yeshua for His Gift and His Word. The Gift of Salvation does not put an end to human suffering.

Rightly so, the Pussy Riot Women speak out against leadership and a form of Christianity that oppresses them. In this case it is not a triune Yeshua who oppresses them but men and women.


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Just another example of what im talking about.When I was younger 14-21 I use to be involved with cocaine and one thing i’ll never forget is kilos of cocaine used to have silver crucifixes in the middle of them.

The cartel that made those kilos called themselves something like the rich disciples of Jesus I remember on a few occasions seeing kilos being cut and seeing these things.I was a drug addict and degenerate for being involved with that stuff in the first place but seeing that helped me quit.

As a true Christian I was horrified seeing that.

Alot of Muslim men believe there are 27 virgins waiting for them in heaven. Does that mean it’s true because so many of them believe it.

I thought it was 70 virgins.And that is another example of how the belief in God and subsequently his churches can be corrupted by mans interpretation.

I mean come only an idiot cant see thats a man made belief.

Thats also an example for why I dont go to church.

I just live my life by a moral standard that I never compromise no matter what.

No for me , this would just prevent me from shaping a better life for myself , today

If I knew 100% that it existed and that’s where I would go I would a killed myself long ago. So it looks like I’m here to stay :slight_smile:

[quote=“petester, post:5, topic:17938”]
In my opinion the popular belief of being"saved" gives you a punch card for immoral behaviour is ridiculous. I don’t even go to church or read the bible because most people that ive seen that do those things do so because they think that and “repenting” every sunday means that they can be pedophiles, racists, sexists, adulterous, abusive etc[/quote]

Yes, it is utterly ridiculous that you post such misinformed rubbish.

I belong to the Christian faith. I am not horrible. I am not the one making baseless assumptions about other sections of society.

You call Christians horrible but then you make such a sweeping generalisation that grossly insults the majority of priests who are good people and have sacrificed much in their lives. They offer hope to people. And ,according to tradition , they have been given authority to celebrate Mass by Jesus Christ. So you actually take the piss out of Him too in your delight at mud-slinging.

Oh I know, you probably think it is all some fairy story made up in a book. Well, I have had a little taste of what the Supreme Being can do, and it absolutely terrified me. You really have no idea how powerful He or It is. It is everywhere. It knows exactly what you and I are typing right now on here, and It likes to fulfil things perfectly. Believe it or not (and you probably wont, it is fair to say), It has the ability to place objects in our path. It also likes to hide its activities from the world behind a small minority of what appear to be cases of mental illness. I wish this wasn’t the case, but it is.

I think you might have got this ‘arse over tit’, as we say in Britain. There has always been an argument that Catholicism is ‘baptised Paganism’, main due to the Pagan elements still used to this day in church. If you can perhaps understand that the Supreme Being exists out of our time frame, then you might be able to grasp that the ancient Greek and Egyptian religions were worshipping their concept of God, and that it is necessary to separate the gods, their epithets and the sacred mysteries from the practices and rituals of the time . It is evident, after much research, that the sacred mysteries contain the truth, or they would have disappeared (this goes back to the perfection of fulfilment). So, the sacraments, the date set for Christmas, the date set for Easter, the Easter egg (representing the ark and all the life inside) , and all the other Pagan elements are sound. It was the practices that became debauched, not the mysteries. This tends to happen throughout history: when a religion degenerates it is superceded by a newer one, but the mysteries and sacraments are always passed on. In any case, if Protestants take the ‘baptised Paganism’ view of Catholicism, then they must stop the use of the IHS symbol and throw out their pipe organs. The IHS monogram belonged to Bacchus as well as Christ, and the pipe organ supplied musical accompaniment to the slaughter of Christians in the Coliseum.

I am inclined to agree with what you say. However, if you have totally ignored God all your life (this doesn’t necessary mean not participating in public worship), or worse, have actively mocked and derided the whole concept, then doesn’t the Supreme Being reserve the right to ignore you in return?

Best wishes,

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Oh I wasn’t specifically picking Catholicism I was simply using them as a example because they are the most obvious.

The mormons among are way off with their sexual deviation.The lutheran’s for the same reason.

I was merely saying that most church’s are mans misinterpretation of how we are supposd to worship our Lord .

I know that I sound like another non bielever because this and most mental forums are full of them, but im not even though im not Jewish ive lived my adult life by the bible because ifiguee Jesus is Jewish and if im going to believe his beliefs I should prolly ACTUALLY live by them so I have I think my sz played a huge roll in that also so im not saying im a saint or anything I am saying that its ridiculous that people live in sin and think they are going to Heaven just because they “repent”.

Admittedly I haven’t read the Bible for 30 yrs but when I did I got the jist of it and have tried to live by it and aside from the drinking and gambling I have but anyways I seem to recall a verse that says something about the evil people AND THEIR CHILDREN will be thrown in the pit of fire for living in sin and this persuades me to believe that God is not the grinning idiot nice guy that will let you live a life of sin then rwtire into heaven.

Thats what most people believe and that verse is proof that Him being forgiving of everybody is just a human delusion because how can children sin? Usually when they do sin its in ignorance so it used to be my opinion because they are ignorant its not a sin and they simply need to be educated in the proper way to be admitted to Heaven.

But iguess not they will go in the pit along with thw parents that taught them evil.

I used catholics as a example because they are among the most self deluded I mean they actually preach that you can sin ALL YOU WANT ALL WEEK LONG AS LONG AS YOU CONFESS"repent" ON SUNDAY YOU WILL BE "SAVED ".

In telling people WE ARE THE AUTHORITY on Christianity and then telling people that nonsense they are condemning people to hell.


After all they do worship idols which is clearly stated to be a sin.

Not only do they worship idols but they are idols of dead saints.

Well there is no such thing as ghosts what people see are actually demons from hell using the likeness of humans to enter our world.

So by worshipping dead saints they are essentially worshipping demons and dont even know it.

Im not saying im a perfect Christian im just saying so many people are mislead sometimes it could be intentional and it will cost them their souls.

In fact the reason that idolatry is such a bad sin is because it’s one step away from full blown witchcraft and the proof is the people that knowingly participate in witchcraft use catholic saints for their in their rituals.

You don’t believe me? Check it out for your self.

And when I say supposed im not mocking as a non believer but as a TRUE believer.

Most Christian denominations (not just Catholics) are effectively codemning their followers to hell by teaching against what is clearly stated in the bible to be a sin.


If you want to go to Heaven you have to live by the Bible LITERALLY.


Evidence of what im saying is true in the state of the world now.

If you dont believe me turn on the news and you will see that scripture about the end times is happening NOW literally.

I’ll have to get back to you on that one. I must admit, as a Catholic myself, the accusation of idolatry does trouble me.

You are joking, aren’t you? The biggest problem with the Bible is that it is totally open to interpretation and misinterpretation.

Good luck handling poisonous snakes and drinking arsenic then.

[quote]Evidence of what im saying is true in the state of the world now.

If you dont believe me turn on the news and you will see that scripture about the end times is happening NOW literally.[/quote]

Oh I know. We have been living in the end times for the past thirty years. The world has largely slept through it all. Wormwood has already fallen and poisoned the waters. (Chernobyl is Wormwood in English). I think it is difficult to ignore now that the ‘great harlot’ sitting on seven mountains indeed refers to Rome. It can’t be anywhere else really, I admit that.

Best wishes,

All ya all who are picking on various sins and behaviors of certain church people have to realize Jesus Christ and religion are 2 different things. Jesus OPPOSED religion in his day and continually told the religious leaders so.
If you read what he said to them the SAME would apply to some church leaders today.

Read Matthew 23, all of it, here

and at the end he says “Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell?”

He said this to the RELIGIOUS people who ran the temple and it was full of corruption.

But you cannot pick on every single Christian…true, SOME do these things but you cannot make a blanket statement.

And very few churches preach you can go on living in sin and confess on Sunday and be ok, though a few imply that…

And although I am not catholic and don’t agree with a lot that church teaches, they do teach you should honor God and live a holy life

"How to Live a Holy Catholic Life
Living a holy Catholic life means putting God first in all that we do. God must be the focus of our daily existence. From the time of our awakening in the morning until we fall asleep at night God’s will for our lives must take center stage.
Some of us go through our day like a pinball being bounced from one place to another, never coming to rest and accomplishing little or nothing for God. Many are like the tumbleweed, without direction, going where the wind blows. Others are so concerned about themselves that they can go through the entire day and never once think of God.
St. Paul refers to Christians as saints. While we are on earth we are imperfect saints striving for perfection. Heaven is the domain of perfected Saints.
The general rule is: “He who lives holy will die holy.” The most dangerous thing in this world is to defer our conversion from sin to virtue.
Some of what I am going to share with you comes from the writings of St. Robert Bellarmine (1542-1621). Bellarmine was declared Venerable only six years after his death and was canonized in 1930 and declared a doctor of the Church in 1931. He taught that we must learn to die to this world. In order to get to heaven we must die to this world before we die in the body. All who live in the world are dead to God.’s/How%20to%20Live%20a%20Holy%20Catholic%20Life.htm

(Living in the world includes living in sin and worldliness, going along with what everyone else does, etc)

Problem is some people,including some priests don’t abide by this…same can be said for any protestant denomination or Christians who don’t associate with any denomination…

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The problem with your argument is that you can apply it everything. You can say that some people who don’t go to church commit murder, so lets tar them all with the same brush. Any large organisation will have a few rotten apples. I think the current Pope is doing his best to weed out these people and expose and punish corruption.

Best wishes,

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I don’t either

I don’t even think the people that came up with MOST worship practice are evil although some obviously are.

Its part of my sz symptoms that I fixate on something irrationally so I guess the Catholic church is my fixation.

It seems to me a obvious ploy to entice people to sinby tetelling them they can sin as much as they want as long as they stop in on sundays pay someone and tell them about all there sins ans they go to Heaven.

That seems perverse also.

Its no wonder those priests are sexual deviants any human that listens to people tell their deepest secrets everyday would have to be its inevitable.