How do you believe in god?

I want to know how because I just can’t


Logic: Shadows don’t talk. No God can make it happen. Thus, no god(s).

Mathematics logic: 1/0 is impossible so creation and gods are impossible.

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No One Will Be Able To Ignite Tha Purity Perhaps Sleeping Within Your Natural Clean heart ,

But If You Feel So ,

Perhaps Get On Tha Metophorical Fence Within Tha Agnostic Tradition and Look Around Peacefully ,

As You Look , Notice Tha Beauty and So On and So Forth ,

Scratch Out Tha Negativity As You May Realize That It Wasn’t thine Creator That Did That ,

But Twas Tha Creation ,

There Is Thus Weird Thing Called " Free - Will " ,

Which IS Confusing But Amazing Within A Foundation Of Trust ,

No Rush and No Hurry Jus You Looking Around ,

May Thus Be A Great Nite For You (!!!)


You there… Awesome reply.

Dude ,

First Peacefull Laugh Of Tha Dai ,

Thank You ,

and To be Honest I Probs Won’t Get Another One ,

so Thank You (!!)

I find the existence of anything a miracle that requires more than just probability. Life itself i heard has a 1 in 10^40,000 power chance of existing. I find the world just makes more sense from the perspective that God created it.

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Does God eat?
Eat what?
What comes next?

If God why Rape? Why Murder? Why Treachery? Why all hell?

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Math Always Was Tha Start Of Thee Alphabet For Me ,

What Is Thus (try to see it without forming a word in your mynde) ,

So ,

What Is Thus ? ((( 1 )))


What Is Thus ? ((( 2 ))) ,

It Seems To Always Even Form Tha Word As You Understand Tha Meaning behind It ,

One Is One and One Ones Is ((( 3 ))) ,

Add In Tha Science Guy and he Would Say " ITS FOUR !!! " , ((( 4 ))) … ,

I Dunno There’s 27 Letters So There Ya Go …

" Let’s Jus Have Some Fun . " - Of Montreal

I like to think that I am one of Gods representatives . I think alot of people just don’t want to even consider having to believe that He is real. He is not an in your face kind of being. He is our maker that we can be like as being given that choice to make for ourselves. What kind of questions would you ask God anyway? Maybe I can answer some of them for you?

Why HE Why not SHE why not neutral?

Why Naught HE & SHE (?)

He is both He and She as it describes Him to be in the book of Genesis, Yes God has a better half as well.

Begat Begat Begat Begat Begat ,

Thaz Where I Walked Away and Decided It Was Tyme To Learn About JESUS ,

and I Lyke To Think Of It Lyke Thus ,

Man & Woman On Earth ,

Why No Man Woman Up Above / Down Below / and Within Our Veins (?) ,

What Makes US Better Then THEM … (?)

I Jus Re-read , I Think I Misunderstood What You Were Saying ,


Peace Be Unto You .

Because the evil got out of the box so to speak just as the early Greek myth about Pandora letting loose all the troubles in the world as their analogy of what happened describes things to be the way they are.

No God does not eat while in Heaven but He really enjoys eating when He comes to Earth in the form of Man.

Ok ,

Now Thus Thot Process Is and Could Be Dangerous ,

Our Creator Of Thee Expanding Universe Has Naught and Will Naught Cross Lynes On Tha Innocent Lyke That ,

Point Is ,

If You Put Blind Faith On A Human being Either Pretending To Be Thee Creator , OR Actually Thinking He/She Is ,

Then You Will Become Food In A Bowl For Tha Wolves ,

You Will Be Eaten Alive ,

So Thus Statement Is Incorrect and Dangerous ,

and Do Naught Erase Thus Thread , This One Is Important … .

I’m uncertain as to whether God exists. I get put off by someone who is always “Praising Jesus!” because of the innumerable examples of horrendous suffering in the world. I don’t think an omnipotent God can escape responsibility for that. In spite of logic indicating otherwise, I do believe in a benevolent God, just not in the Christian conception of God. I have real trouble with the concept of hell. Maybe a few people like Joseph Stalin and Adolph Hitler deserve to suffer there, but not many other people. The notion of the crucifiction works as a metaphor for me, but not in a literal sense.

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Well may be you should answer these questions instead, because I don’t want to be eaten alive.