Is this World Hell?

Serious question.

It is my belief that this world is ruled by evil so in my world, yes, it is Hell. but I also believe in Heaven in the afterlife.


Nope. Doesn’t stop some people from trying to redecorate it in that fashion, however.



No, i dont think so. I think the natural world is Darwins world, ruled by competition and the law of the jungle. But man’s world is a collaboratively shaped overlay on top, a social construct that we make together. It lives in people’s minds and in the rules that we make to govern how we interact, in small and large groups. It shapes what you see, what you think and what you do. The challenge for the human race is to create paradise, to stop it from degenerating into chaos or accidentally create hell, if you will.

That’s what it is for normal people. Spiritual seekers and meditators get to opt out by leaving the mind and so society’s traps behind.


Or is it (in terms of our emotions and behavioral reactions) what our beliefs make of it?

humans are animals capable of better and worse. I began to feel – and function – better when I began to get up out of the common cult-ural box of beliefs and just look to see what is in each new second of now. (No. Eckhart Tolle did not teach me this.)

It’s my attachments that make life “hell.” They fall away more easily now.


I honestly believe that this world is what you make it. I know that people think the after life is going to be amazing…

But I don’t want to wait until I’m dead to enjoy kindness and connect with positive and supportive people.

I know some people only respond to sorrow and anger and friction and drama. It’s where they are at with their mind.

I was there once too. I got help to see the positive… now… OK… there are some hard days… but I don’t think this world is hell…

Plus… I honestly believe that for all of us… our world is our experience… I can empathize with the sorrow in the world… but I can only do what I can reach in my small circle of existence.

So I choose to enjoy what I can in the here and now.


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Doesn’t this sound a bit one-sided and exclusionary?

I had to learn to observe to notice to recognize to acknowledge to accept to own to appreciate to understand my disease’s “stinking thinking” so that I could see that there is a lot to life beside suffering.

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i don’t know if it’s the illness/condition - whatever that’s meant to be? Psychiatry doesn’t know nor have any answers. i think this planet/humanity/civilisation is foul & a pit of Evil.

There’s a lot I don’t care for. (Hey! I’m the one who floats the stuff about the “self-obsessed accumulators of wealth using the agents of the media, religion and education to train us to be good little producers, wage slaves, thoughtless consumers and good little soldiers to protect the accumulated wealth.”)

BUT, I don’t think it’s all bad. I think it’s just that progress arrives with trade-offs. If one steps back from one’s thoughts and sees them as just thoughts, one may be able to see that there’s as much “good” as there is “bad.” After all, “good” and “bad” are just value judgments.

What is is. (Including sz, dying and death. It is the way things work.) Why fight with it?

I get this often.
Breathe and try to remember we are only molecules.
Do something nice for yourself. Know that many here yearn for the chance to be capable of your level of reading comprehension and analysis. Change what you are researching/consuming…

We exist to serve plants.
We exist to serve plants.
We exist to serve plants.

…here ya go…


Yes, this world is Hell, thanks to humans.

Best wishes,


I think maybe so because to think there’s worse worlds than this one is terrifying and I don’t wish to be afraid so I just believe life is hell and we work our whole lives to be worthy of escape and not to be reincarnated back on earth again


[quote=“notmoses, post:12, topic:24563”]
Why fight with it?[/quote]

Just accept Evil? As Is Is - yes i know.

i can’t pretend this World is different to what it is. Yes, there’s a few good people. But very largely it’s a horrible, backward, uncivilised, & basically evil place. The vast majority of people are stupid, ignorant, brain washed & flat out delusional.

As a gardener… that makes me laugh :smile:

I am enslaved to plants… they have me trained. But at least they smell nice.
:rose: :sunflower: :tulip: :seedling:


In Sartre’s play No Exit, hell was drawn on earth out to see if co-habitation existed on this planet, it becomes a living nightmare, and it extrapolated the famous quote: “Hell is Other People.”

Do I believe this? Well, I can’t live with a lot of people, including my own siblings and parents. But I can live with my own kids.


I won’t disagree for a second. But… I will assert that “the vast majority of people are made stupid, ignorant, brain washed & flat out delusional,” not born that way. Nor are they that way for the most part until they have been in school for a bit. One can choose to ignore the priests, the in-struct-ors and the role models and talking heads on the tube. I can observe them (and I do), but I neither agree nor disagree.

I navigate life more effectively and get much better sleep that way.

In the grand scheme of things, we all are. I’m currently enjoying our lilacs. Will be planting soon. :golf:


plum colored iris in my yard