Keto puts SZ in remision + Sugar Coated + Some tools to work with

Hi, this and other movies a like has been an eye openers for some people I know who suffer with eating disorder, diabetes, and other food related illnesses. I think people can educate themselves, they just need some tools. Sad story is that people do notice. but when it’s to late and life threatening already.

Watch it online.

Aditional information:

Sugar: The Bitter Truth (Youtube)

Influential scientists and keto pioneers.

Dominic D’agostino (
Gary Taubes
Jeff Volek

Keto took a larger swing when it was used to threat epilepsy in kids in early 1900’s also the charlie foundation has been nothing but great advocate promoting it. High fat and low carb is natural human diet, it’s been around since day one.

There are strong evidence and research, that keto (high fat, low carb) puts SZ in remission. (Original story, including other people sharing) ( other reddit, original post not there, people share their story as well)

Some studies to research mentioned in reddits

We got this.


I tried Keto for a good 3 weeks and it didn’t put me in remission. Carbs produce serotonin, so limiting them can effect the efficacy of your second generation meds. Excess dopamine means more symptoms. More serotonin means less dopamine.


Sorry to hear that it hasn’t brought any noticeable changes for you.

Bear in mind I was on it for less than a month, maybe it takes time to show a difference.

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I’m putting this in work now.

I read a few times that periods of water fasting or intermittent fasting is good for the mind and body.
Has anyone heard much about how it effects mental illnesses relating to psychosis?

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Hmm, this is interesting…
I used to do fasts a lot, because it made me feel good. I might try it, again.

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That’s fantastic, I wish you best luck.

Don’t be discouraged to look in some of literature and videos in original post, they are most informative and friendly. :wink:

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I used to be on a ketogenic diet, with a cheat day, for a long time. I found that after I ate a pizza or some pasta my symptoms got way worse. So I just figured it was the carbs that were making me feel bad and eventually cut them out mostly. Now that I’ve been gluten free, high carb, vegan; for 9 months or so, I can say with a certainty it was not carbs, it was the gluten that made me feel horrible. I can have and do have lots of sugar each day and plenty of carbs as well. Not saying everybody would be like me, I guess people just have to try out what makes them feel a certain way.

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