Ketogenic diet and schizo

ketogenic diet cure schizophrenia?what do you think about?
any of you tried ketogenic diet?

I haven’t tried it personally, but if ketogenic diet could cure sz, it would be all over the news.
I know other people on this forum have tried it and didn’t work. Can’t give names though, my memory is failing me.
So I have strong doubts.

I’m on it now. Ive lost about 2lb in a week. I haven’t been on it long enough (just a week) to see if it has any effect on my schizophrenia.

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what is that diet, is that like atkins?

Yes, it’s Atkins basically.

why would that help sz?

I now use stevia as a sweetener instead of sugar. Stevia is carb free and doesn’t raise blood sugar, it actually lowers it.

When I first tried stevia it had a terrible bitter taste. But that goes away the longer you use stevia. I used to hate stevia but now I love it. I can’t believe the bitterness goes away but it does.

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There’s some research showing that it does help. But more studies are needed. I think the research is only in mice at the moment.

I’ve got that on my shopping list. I’ll give it a go.

yeah I am starting Keto too on monday!

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I tried ketogenic diet and I saw no difference.

Usually though when I eat very little as in 4-500 calories per meal. I feel so so MUCH better. I sleep better and have a lot more energy. Food makes me sick and lazy. I am excited for this diet.

Did you lose weight @brugluiz


Yes, I lost a lot of weight. But I felt weaker. I had no energy to run and do physical exercises. David Perlmutter says it’s a good kind of diet for the brain, but I still have my doubts. Maybe for some people ketogenic is good but not for others.

Why are you going ketogenic, @MissMermaid?

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I need to lower my bf % by 15% I hate it + I gained so much weight on Latuda. My BMI is now 30 :flushed:
It is like a nightmare. I already started losing on med change so just a little push + exercise will make me healthy and feel good about myself.

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ok…about schizophrenia symptoms (positive and negative)

I’m happy you’re already losing weight with the med change :slight_smile:. Physical exercises with a good diet will help you a lot. You can even feel more energetic with them. I hope the best for you!

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I use truvia which has stevia and erythritol in it I believe and it has a better flavor than just stevia.


I would like to try that. But I love stevia so much I didn’t want to take too many sweeteners incase they have side effects.

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Guess you think the media is honest and objective.

@andrea866 I wish it did, but I don’t think it’s true. The most common reason to follow a ketogenic diet is for weight loss, and followers are quite successful. It’s also for the dietary management of epilepsy that doesn’t respond to medication.

I got the stevia and it’s great.