An article about the ketogenic diet possibly causing remission

Have you heard of this yet? What do you think?

Patients in remission after turning ketogenic


My gluten free diet helps with my hallucinations I think but idk what ketogenic diet is

Dr Oz explaining Keto because he is more professional than I

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That’s my diet but I eat a lot of meat. I did research and there are studies showing that gluten free diets may help reduce hallucinations in sz patients. It helps me but I also eat sweets and chocolate (chocolate is bad for anxiety and makes me a little more parinoid and stuff but I love it so much)

That article is famous. Someone mentions it here from time to time.

Ketogenic diets don’t cure schizophrenia.


Interesting. I had no idea.

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@everhopeful I never said it curses sz I said it helps me and read that it may help others


I kind of thought it was too good to be true.

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I really should cut out the chocolate it does bad stuff to me

I spent half a year doing keto. NO difference in symptoms. Others have found the same. Sorry, but this is an SZ urban legend.


Lol. Laughing because chocolate is definitely hard to let go of :)!

So happy to hear your side. Thanks.

I believe it works. Seen multiple examples including a psychiatrist at Harvard…who knows…

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@velociraptor idk but I think it helps me idk about others just myself. I love gluten free food even though it does limit me to a point

@Pixiedustqueen I knoooooow it’s so hard (this month is really bad because I’m eating soup and pudding due to teeth problems)

@insidemind I think it helps me!

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I’ve watched a couple of Dr. Berg and Dr. Berry videos. They both really like Keto. You should check them out if you haven’t already.

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:rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl: at Dr. Oz being a professional.

Professional quack more like.


My problem is I’m lazy and it is hard.

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Yeah! But compared to me! But I admit that video was way too hype. I apologize haha for posting it.

@LED I KNOW!!! Lol