Ketogenic diet for sz

I have been reading about the ketogenic diet. Its very little carbs and a lot of fat. It has been proven to work for some seizure disorders and their is now evidence that it is useful for sz and bipolar disorder. I started it today and I can’t say I feel better but it probably takes some time. Has anyone else heard of it or tried it?

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Got a thread going about it already, just a few posts down:

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The efficacy research thus far looks real iffy to me compared to the heaps of stuff I get to look at day and day out. Digestion and metabolism of all the major food groups can get whacked in sz (and other psychiatric disorders). This might correct a problem for you in particular, or it might not.

Give it moderated shot, and see what happens… just don’t put all your eggs on one basket. And fer crissake, let us know how it’s going.

my sister has been taking raspberry ketones or something to get her weight down, is that the same thing?

I was on a Ketogenic diet years ago - as I remember, it stabilized my mood pretty well, but my body started craving certain carbs.

Eating a certain amount of healthy carbs is important - I could not stick with it, I was on it for like 6 months

please report us the result of the diet

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I’ve always found that I’ve been much more stable while on a ketogenic diet. I’ll be going back on a ketogenic diet once I complete my degree in approximately a month.

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please read