Are there any techniques that help people deal with the illness besides medicine

I think they are cracking down on sharing extreme diets here.

Also, keto should only be tried with professional supervision. There are complications associated with being in a constant state of ketosis, and just jumping into it can cause issues. I know this, because that’s what I did when I tried it and I did have a couple of issues, which where common among keto followers. To clarify I did research the diet before trying it.

@anon55704218, talk to your doctor before trying any type of diet that drastically changes your eating habits, they can talk to you about what would work best for you or they can refer you to a nutritionist.

With that being said, a healthy diet caters to a healthy mind, but going to extremes usually isnt good. Balance is the key.


Eating is not complicated :slight_smile:

It can get complicated when you end up with kidney stones, constipation, and in rare cases ketoacidosis.


Exercise is the second most important thing I do everyday for symptoms.

First is taking meds

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Constipation - not a disease

Kidney stones - that’s why you formulate your keto diet and stay hydrated

Ketoacidosis - diabetes condition has zero to do with nutritional ketosis as beta hydroxybutyrate never crosses any thresholds

I suggest dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)

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Low carb diet

I go gym with someone to motivate me 3 to 4 times per week(that’s the plan anyway…)



Volunteer work

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How about seeing a therapist once or twice a week to talk about your problem and get some advice.


Psychotherapy. You’ll talk with a psychologist and they will break down your biggest goals into attainable bits and help you achieve them.

This is something I want to do.

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Avoid stress. Do things you love. If it’s something you love and just a little stressful, it’s worth it. Everyone needs a little stress to get out the comfort zone into the unknown. This updates you.

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I second what @anon19982023 said, avoid stress. Stress is a huge problem across the board. Make sure you get good sleep and good nutrition. Exercise regularly and drink plenty of water. If meditating makes you feel good, do that or if listening to music relaxes you, do that. Spend time enjoying your favorite hobbies or past times. Spend time with healthy supportive people. Avoid negative or toxic people. These are the things you can do in addition to taking your meds to help reduce your symptoms. Good luck.


@anon55704218, God used to talk to me from out of the words on the pages of my daily prayer books. He would respond and answer to my thoughts, emotions, words, actions, etc… It was all very personal and directed at me alone. He would advise, guide, correct, admonish, chastise, praise, scold, order and command, and I would always follow His commands.

I quit sensing His presence when I quit prayer journalling.


I’m on a “formulated” ketogenic diet. The diet has done stuff that zyprexa couldn’t touch. Delusions went away that zyprexa couldn’t touch. Symptoms are going down daily. It’s an absolute miracle! No more “demons”. I am still adapting and I think I might be heading towards remission. The best part is unlike zyprexa, I feel absolutely amazing on it. Look up Chris Palmer MD on google. He has a webpage with information and resources for a well formulated ketogenic diet. A well formulated ketogenic diet just means a therapeutic ketogenic diet.


I’m truly happy for you. I hope things will only improve for you, in my estimate you will get better.

I had a dense post 3 years ago about ketogenic diet and science behind.

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I am not buying that a keto diet calms schizophrenia…if you are delusinal you need to talk to your pdoc and find the meds that work for you…


Piano practice
Pet ownership
Culture and the arts

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Awesome! It’s nice to see someone else interested in keto. The Charlie Foundation is awesome. I work with them and they helped me get on therapeutic ketogenic diet. The dietitians there are amazing.

I am pretty familiar with keto. I do a lot of reading on it, pretty much daily. However, after a lot of digging and searching stuff out, you kind of get into a weird place where there’s no one doing what you are doing. It’s nice to see someone else who is interested in keto for psych.

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It’s probably been said but good sleep, platonic enjoyable distractions, balanced simple diet and regular excersise

I went through a period where I was doing transcendental meditation, drinking very little coffee, getting about the right amount of exercise, and going to AA. My grades were very good in school, math - the basics - algebra, trigonometry, and so on - came easy to me. But I was still in anguish. Transcendental meditation didn’t take that away. I got drunk, and got a D in calculus. I was missing a lot of class. When I started drinking again my whole life fell apart.

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