I've been telling my therapists all year about terrorist attacks in November

Tell me if I’m being psychotic because I’m open to correction, but I’ve been telling my therapists about November since I first became ill. I told them it would mark the beginning of WW3 and that there would be large scale attacks. Now Paris, and now the threat on D.C.

Am I going insane? Also I’ve been getting the intuition of the word “snow” and “winter” repeatedly in the last few months. And then theres the whole belief that I’ve been sent to warn people.

Then I found out that a David Branch is mentioned in the Bible … that’s my name. (

And a letter to someone who is eerily similar to me,

To sum it up, I’ve had the “delusion” all year that November would be marked by increasing terrorism and the beginning of the end. Now it seems like there’s a new sliver of a chance that I’m onto something.

True, I didn’t take my meds last night, but I’ve believed this all year long.

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Hey Bluey. I’ve also had these experiences. It’s just a coincidence, it means nothing. you are only a human being who is supposed to go to school, study, fall in love and live happily after. you don’t have superpowers and you should take your meds. The amount of coincidences that has happened in my psychotic break, I can not even tell you the extent of how real they seem, which is why, it takes us a lot of time to realize they’re ■■■■■■■■. Everytime you think you have a super power, call it ■■■■■■■■ and enjoy your life. Focus on your diet, exercise, getting better and achieving your dreams. Stop caring about people dying. People will stay evil and do evil no matter what happens. If you get better, you could join a charity or even start your own charity about mental illness and do good that way.


I :blue_heart: u

But, I’m pretty convinced. I won’t go into detail but I have been getting physical messages about terrorist attacks in November, and also dreams that weave together Christianity, the Pope, the end times, etc, for months and months.

If nothing happens then we can laugh about this together like other delusions im sure we’ve both had, but for now this is just too much of a coinkeedink for me to just write it all off.

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I know… you’re right.

Terrorists like to ruin the holiday season for the United States and the world thus why they are attacking right now. That’s what I think anyways. You are not a divine messenger or anything like that. I believe you need to tell these things to your psychiatrist and see if your meds can be adjusted. I don’t think you are well right now @Bluey Good luck.

please take your meds. no matter what.

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i think you should take your meds

I took them this morning and will take them tonight. Just so everyone knows I’m not distressed at all.


i believe you…:blush:
the human experience is about being connected to all things…:earth_africa:
there are etheric webs that exist around this world…and other living planets…
they connect all life;
nature :evergreen_tree:
animals :hamster:
humans…etc. :man:
take care :alien:


Life’s crazy man

Life’s crazy then you die.

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I believe you could have psychic ability but I still think you’re sz and should take your meds. I believe in the supernatural but also believe that no one makes it to this site by accident. Maybe sz is psychic ability. I’ve had tons of psychic dreams so I know it could be true, but if im off my meds I’m nuts. Good luck.

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David, look. Our mind works that way: we are connecting the dots and making sense out of chaotic nature of life. Humans are narrators, story tellers. That is how we form our memories, our identities. But every time we go back in the past, as you are doing now, remembering your visions, we add stuff to it that was not originally present.
That is called alterity.
I’ve studied those things and I find them very logical.

Of course no one can reassure you, because you’ve gone a bit out of borders and you need professional help.

We love you all, no matter what. :blue_heart:

…and listen to @waterway. She said a very wise things there.

All I know is that my beliefs are happening in real life, and whether or not my beliefs have to do with that, I’m still weirded out. All year, November was gonna be the beginning of a war. And now it’s happening… .just saying. You all can think I’m nuts but I’m just telling the truth about what I think is going on. If I need any professional help, which I already have, it’s an eye doctor because I’m pretty sure the news just said France declared a state of war.

@Sarad I decided against the hospital because it’s too expensive. I’m going to call my doctor tomorrow… I think it was just the day I skipped meds that caused this.


If you had a single active brain cell you could see that your answer is neither funny nor helpful in any way.

So you think it’s a delusion? You don’t think you have psychic ability? My delusions are different than yours. When I go down on my meds I still get delusions within days…couldn’t imagine going OFF my meds. Injections are underrated.

I don’t know what it is, I just had an intuition all year long that November would be the start of a war, and now it’s come true. I don’t know what to think.

So how many thing did you think that were accurate , while psychotic , then turned out to be inaccurate?

Too bad you dont have an intuition about this weeks lotto numbers and instead think about terror…